Friday Wrap: Pupdate

We’re officially first-time puppy owners, and I’m happy to report that our family survived the first week. Leo is a mini goldendoodle (part golden retriever; part poodle) and he has a major piece of my heart already. I tell ya what.

Meeting Leo

Introducing Leo! The kids adore this furry baby.

We picked Leo up from a breeder in Diamond, MO last Friday. He’s the most rambunctious little guy who wants to play, chew, climb and pee all over the house – just like a toddler.

In fact, here are five things we’ve learned about puppies so far.

{ONE} Puppies are all different. You won’t be perfectly prepared.

sleepy puppy

We read the books, talked to friends, consulted our vet, and thought we were perfectly prepared for our puppy, but no. Once Leo arrived, we made three trips to Petco in one day for things we needed – or needed to return. Just like a baby, you NEVER really know what you’re getting into until that stinker arrives. You just have to watch, learn, and go with the flow.

{TWO} Puppies pee as often as newborns. Protect your floors.

puppy proofing floors

We decided to put Leo in the guest bedroom until he’s grown out of the chew-everything puppy stage. Here’s the setup to help protect our floors. We rolled up the nice carpet and put down a plastic tarp, covered with indoor/outdoor carpet from Lowes. So far, this has protected our wooden floors nicely.

{THREE} Puppies are jumpers. Invest in a sturdy play pen.


This was not the most sturdy option. Keep reading.

We started with a smaller gate like this in the guest room, but Leo could use the horizontal bars for leverage and almost jumped right out of the play pen. He could also push this thing around the room like it was on wheels. So we went back to Petco to get a sturdier version – that only has vertical bars.

puppy play pen

Good boy, Leo! He looks like he’s in a mini jail, though.

{FOUR} Puppies get easily distracted. Keep all of the gates you’ve purchased.

puppy gate

This was the gate we bought for inside. It works better for us as a puppy outhouse.

The first time we took Leo outside to do his business, he took off running (sprinting and leaping more like it) all around the backyard. There wasn’t any business going down with so much to see, smell, and chew. So we took the first gate (that was too flimsy for inside) and put it outside to give him a confined “potty spot.” Since he was only going to be there for a short time, it didn’t matter if he could jump or push it around.

{FIVE} Puppies eat plants. Re-landscaping might be in your future.

hazardous plants for puppies

Speaking of being outside…Leo is too little to take on walks because 1) he’s not leash-trained and 2) there’s a terrible thing called parvo he can get from unvaccinated animals. Eek! So we have to wait until he has all of his shots before we can venture out. All of that to say, we’ve been sticking to the backyard for exercise and play, which is full of plants. #gardenmom

I noticed Leo tried to snag a bite of one of my hostas. Like an obsessed, first-time-dog-mom I googled “dangerous plants for puppies.” Sure enough, HOSTAS were on the list. Thank goodness I retrieved the leaf before Leo could actually eat it. There were lots of things in my backyard on that list, so now we’re watching him like a hawk until we can move some plants to the front garden this weekend. So much to think about!!

We have a busy few days ahead of us. We’re also getting ready for school to start on Monday. (Yes, we’re crazy to get a puppy this time of year.) But, here’s hoping YOU have a relaxing weekend full of quiet, rest and peace. Namaste!

puppy dog eyes

Leo says, “Have a happy weekend!” (It’s a little blurry because he never sits still!!)

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8 comments on “Friday Wrap: Pupdate

  1. So cute! My sister has a goldendoodle and we just love him. I will tell you the key to their good behavior is lots of exercise! People often give them a bad rap for being rowdy but they just need extra stimulation.

  2. Oh. My. That is one cute, cute puppy! I swear God made babies and puppies so cute because they are sometimes (a lot of times) a handful 🙂 I remember the days of eating leaves, pinecones and landscaping all too well, but that gate will help a lot. Keep it around even after he grows up a bit because we’ll occasionally break ours out if we have guests over, etc. Enjoy!

  3. Leo is adorable! Congratulations on your new addition. I hope you have lots of heave duty chew toys (and bitter apple spray to prevent chewing on furniture, etc) during his teething/chewing phase. 🙂

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