Friday Wrap: Football Fun

It’s Fri-yay! College football has officially kicked off.

B and I both graduated from Nebraska, so we’re still not talking about last week’s upset with the last-second Hail Mary pass that BYU pulled off. In fact, we’re calling for a mulligan. Can you do that in football?

This week’s top five is all about organizing tailgate parties – and the exciting fact that each new game starts with a 0-0 tie.

Blogged while listening to “This is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan.

{ONE} Terrific Tables

You can’t have a proper party without a few decorations. I adore this set up by A simple black and white striped table cloth reminds me of a referee jersey. The “Game Day” bunting looks super easy to make (or you could just buy one on Etsy). The chalkboard sign hints at a scoreboard, which would be another interesting use. You could keep track of the score for anyone who’s distracted by the great food – and company! All of this could be translated to a true tailgate by displaying this spread across the bed of a pickup truck. Yee-haw, sister.

{TWO} Delicious Drinks

football drinks

L: Pic via; R: What I found at Hobby Lobby.

Cute cups could double as souvenirs from your special gathering. On the right are mason jars painted to look like footballs. These were at Hobby Lobby (in stores) for $5.99 each. The left side shows a smart idea for any outdoor party. Buy cupcake liners in the colors of your favorite team and use them as drink covers. You could also brew a tasty punch with the same color theme. Go team!

{THREE} Favorite Fiesta Dip

fiesta corn salsa

Recipe here.

It isn’t a football party at the Andersen house without a serving of Fiesta Corn Salsa. YUM-to-the-E! We eat it with tortilla chips or scoop it up with Fritos. Either way, it’s a surefire recipe for happiness – no matter how well your team is playing.

{FOUR} Perfect Pong

Beer pong table

Directions here.

The game of Beer Pong (which could easily be called Juice Pong for the under-21 crowd) is a great way to pass the time either pre-game or at halftime. Now, you could just as well set up a pyramid of red Solo cups on a plain table, but why do that when you can make this adorable mini football field?!

{FIVE} Sign Up Like a Genius

Sign up here.

Sign up here.

I’m sure most of you have thoughtful friends who never want to show up to a party empty handed. If you’re having a fairly good size party, this is a smart way to organize your snacks: have a sign up sheet. That way you don’t end up with a bazillion bags of chips and no dip, and your friends feel happy for helping. There are tons of options, but I prefer SignUpGenius. And they have cute themes like this football number.

That’s a wrap! Have fun cheering for your favorite team this weekend. Tell me what tips and tricks you like to use when setting up a tailgate party.




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