Friday Wrap: Family Road Trip

Aaaaand we’re off! Our family trip to South Dakota has officially started. In fact, I’m writing this post as we’re driving. I have the computer in my lap, coffee in the cup holder to my left, and sunscreen on my right arm…you know, all of the important passenger stuff.

Although, according to this hilarious diagram, as the shotgun rider, I should also be keeping my eyes on directions and ears on the radio. (They don’t call me DJ Mama Bear for nothin’)

For today’s weekly wrap up, I thought it would be fun to share a few items we put on our Must Pack list.

Inside the car, we have…

{ONE} A New Road Trip Tee

road trip shirt

If you saw my Road Trip Tip board, you may have noticed this cute number. Well, I decided to order it! How fun is this to kick off a little Griswold-style vacation?

It was also the first time I’ve ever purchased something directly from Pinterest. Has anyone else tried this, yet? It was super easy.

ready to road trip

See the “add to bag” button on the right? You just click and go to your cart – like any store.

{TWO) Travel Books

travel book cover

My girls wanted a special journal for their trip, and we decided to go the super fun route with Wreck This Journal. There are a few in the series, and this is a special edition is specifically for travelling. Perfect.

Just look at the first page…

travel book warning

How awesome is this? And the back cover offers suggestions for places to wreck your journal…

travel book back

{THREE} Furry Friends

You know how my girls love stuffed animals? Well, they have accumulated so many that it has caused a few situations. One being that they can’t take everyone on road trips.

So Avery and Clara held a “Bear Meeting” where they took inventory of everyone in the room. Then they listed all of the upcoming trips and assigned animals to attend each summer adventure. Girls after my own heart with all of this organization.

Here’s the official chart, complete with names.

animal list

Now, those who weren’t lucky enough to come along can still join virtually. The girls took glamour shots of each furry friend, so they’re on the iPad. Crisis averted. 

furry friends

{FOUR} Playlists & Podcasts

I was perusing for a good playlist for our trip and I came across this compilation that was featured on Lauren Conrad’s blog. Even though it’s a few years old, I thought it was a great list. (It had me at Matt Kearney.) <3

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 1.59.41 PM

Brandon and I also have a few podcasts up our sleeve. You know the Serial podcast, which sparked much debate about an inmate named Adnan Syed who has served nearly 16 years in a prison in Maryland? Well, many people believe he’s innocent, and he was just granted another trial – like on July 5th. So, now we’re planning to listen to Undisclosed, which is continuing to follow Adnan’s journey. #fascinating

We’lll probably mix things up with some humor, too.

{FIVE} Portable Snacks

Each person in our family has a favorite go-to road trip snack. So here’s the rundown of our stash.

I love a pack of cherry Twizzlers and ice water with a shot of Mio.


Brandon goes for more salty choices like a trail mix or Chex Mix. He likes those mixes 😉


The girls like to wait until we’re at a rest stop to get an ice cream treat. They especially like those F’real shakes. As the name says, they’re the F’real deal. So tasty.


Evan is pretty much the only health nut in the car. He likes fresh peaches, apple slices, or string cheese. Where did he come from?! Lol.

What’s your favorite road trip food or other Must Have item to survive a long drive?

I’ll be filling up on Twizzlers, snapping tons of pictures and simply enjoying some family time for the next few days. So I’ll see you on the flip side. Have a wonderful weekend (and week ahead), my sweet friends!




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6 comments on “Friday Wrap: Family Road Trip

  1. Have a great trip!!! Love the assigned trip animals – my kids bring the same one each time, I’ll have to tell them about this! I’ll have to check out the playlist. We always try to make one before we leave for a trip, but that’s at like 2am when we’re exhausted. And yes to Matt Kearney!! Love him!

  2. 1. The diagram is hilarious.
    2. The shirt is a must have.
    3. The stuffed animal chart couldn’t be any better.
    Love it!
    Stopping by from 5 on Friday.

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