Friday Wrap: Desk Favorites

My big project of the week was a desk makeover. It feels so good to be organized in this little space! Here are my five favorite things about the desk that I wanted to share:

{ONE} Bulletin board

bulletin board

If you would have seen what was previously hanging on this door, you would have been all, “Girl, you gotta be kidding me.” It was this HUGE dry erase board that was hard to write on, and it extended beyond to door, so you had to remove it in order to even close the door. Anyway, it was time to have it removed. So I did. And I replaced it with this beautiful little thing that fits my personal notes and pics. PS. I attached it to the door with a wreath holder and used ribbon to secure it in place.

{TWO} Hello, pillow!


My chair was already pretty comfy, but it needed a better back support. This pillow is super soft, and I love walking into an office where your chair greets you every time. “Well, hello to you, too!”

{THREE} Striped cup project

gold pencil cup

This was a fun project I tried. The cup is a plastic tumbler I found at Walmart for $1.47. I used masking tape to create the stripes and then painted with metallic gold acrylics. The total project was about $3 with the paint.

{FOUR} Owl lamp

owl lamp

This little cutie-hootie was calling my name at Walmart. He makes me feel smart when I’m sitting at my new desk 🙂 Oh, and I love having fresh flowers on my desk. I tucked some rosemary into this one so it has a nice fragrance. The cup has gold polka-dots to go with the black and gold color theme I have goin’ on, if you couldn’t tell.

{FIVE} Gold paper clips

gold paper clips

The clips themselves are from Hob Lob, and I tied ribbon around the ends to jazz them up a bit. They’re great for bookmarks – and of course holding papers together.

Whatever you do, try to have an awesome weekend. My sweet B and I are headed to Portland to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. (I can’t believe it has been that long?!) I promise to share pics when I get back next week.

Hugs to you!


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  1. I love that bulletin board! Some parts of my house need a little Do-Over, but since the holidays are coming up I know that all my decor will spruce up the places that need some TLC.

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