Friday Wrap: Blogiversary Edition

blogiversaryIn honor of The Neat Nook turning one, I decided to reflect on some of the best blogging advice I received or stumbled upon over the past 12 months. This felt like the perfect way to wrap such a special week. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Five Great Pieces of Advice on Blogging

{ONE} “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”

I don’t remember exactly where I came across this statement, but it was big for me. I think the reason I hadn’t started blogging long before now was because I was intimidated by all of the gorgeous blogs and talented writers out there who seem to have perfected the art. It’s easy to find lots of “middles” out there, since blogging has been around for many years. Everyone has to start somewhere, though. And I’m learning to simply love where I am.

{TWO} “Be real. Be vulnerable. Show us who you are.”

This was something I heard from a friend when I veeery first started. Like before I had an “about” page, and my profile picture was a headshot from work. Yawns-ville. I appreciated her input so much. The thought was frightening, but she was right. I’m usually more comfortable sitting quietly in the background or cheering safely from the sidelines, but blogging challenges me. It gives me a space to express myself and have a voice – regardless of how quiet and scared it might sound.

{THREE} “Words are powerful.”

One of the greatest masters of words was Dr. Maya Angelou. With her passing last year, many of her quotes and interviews have been shared online. I caught this clip from the Master Class Series on OWN, and thought it was such a brilliant point of view about the words we choose to use.

For anyone who writes and shares their words in public – on a blog, in social media, and even in conversations that can be overheard – it’s important to realize the power you possess. We all need to hold this notion close to our hearts any time we lift our pens or open our mouths to speak.

I love this acronym that reminds us to think first.

{FOUR} “Remember to have fun.”

This advice came from my friend and blogger, Leslie Sisti. She told me too many people take their blog too seriously, and it turns into a chore. No one wakes up excited to do chores. At least I don’t. I took her advice to heart, and I try to do a “fun check” every now and then. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the most fun a girl can have), I determine how much fun I’m having with the blog. If the score is low and I’m feeling stressed, I know it’s time to change something. Pronto.

{FIVE} “It’s okay to take a break.

As a typical, giddy newbie I started the year strong with frequent posts. As the months went on and life got busy with job changes and new activities for the kids, I started getting distracted. By the summer, I was fizzling out and feeling a little guilty about neglecting the blog.

Right as I was getting ready for one of those “fun checks,” I came across a post by another blogger, who talked about the importance of taking a break when you need it. If you let your readers know what’s up and when you’ll return, all will be well. It turns out, there are a lot of bloggers who take summers off. While I didn’t take a full sabbatical, I did take some non-judgmental time to get centered, inspired and excited to start writing again.

And this is where I am today. Excited. Also feeling grateful for all of the input and support from other bloggers and friends. I still have an incredible amount to learn, but that makes waking up each day more interesting. It’s about the journey, and I thank you for walking a few steps with me today!

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  1. Happy Blogiversary! Your words are precious and sometimes bring a tear or a twinkle to my eyes and always a warmth to my heart. As Lucy Calkins ~ the teacher to teachers of writing~ says “Keep on Writing!”

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