Friday Wrap: Birthday Gifting

Hello, friends! I can honestly say this was the best week of 2016 to date. (It had a little something to do with my birthday!) So many people took time to reach out with kind words and gifts, it was overwhelming. I tried to soak in each and every note, Facebook post, text, and call so I could fully appreciate the kindness.

You know the saying, “It’s the thought that counts?” Usually, it refers to a duplicate gift or one that isn’t super awesome, but the sentiment is spot on.

The thought behind any gift is the secret ingredient, whether it’s a heartfelt letter or fancy dinner out.

So if you’re in the market for birthday shopping and planning, here are a few thoughtful gift categories to consider.

{ONE} Something from nature

I received these lovelies from Brandon this week. He ordered them from my favorite local flower shop, Pigmint. They’re gorgeous and smell like a slice of heaven. I love how they incorporate unusual flowers, such as variegated double tulips and ranunculus. Receiving a beautiful collection of nature like this would put a smile on anyone’s soul.

birthday flowers

Look at this closeup. I mean. Gorgeous.

Look at this closeup. I mean. Gorgeous.

{TWO} Something to experience

When my family asked what I wanted for my birthday, I told them I wanted time together. (That’s kinda my love language.) So we planned an outing to a restaurant in Bentonville called The Hive. My mom joined us, as well as a darling green penguin. The girls’ quickly named him Green Bean.

While we waited for our food, my mom shared a few baby pictures with the table. The kids got a kick out of seeing “baby Kate,” as well as their aunts and uncles when they were teens! It was a dinner I’ll remember forever – and not just because we were served cotton candy at the end of our meal. I love my people and all of the experiences we have together.

the Hive

{THREE} Something handmade

My girls spent hours sorting and weaving little rubber bands together to make these bracelets for me. They could have chosen to jump outside on the trampoline, play with their stuffed animals, hang on the couch playing Minecraft, or check their cats on Neko Atsume, but they chose to sit and make something for my birthday. What a treasure. That kind of gift will ALWAYS be cherished.


{FOUR} Something practical, yet pretty

My parents know how much I love scarves, which makes a practical gift like a “how to” book so perfect. It’s not your typical book, though. It’s covered with silk and has gloriously designed pages.

This was given along with a creme-colored scarf from Olive and Cocoa. Y’all, if you haven’t received a gift from this place, you would be amazed by their packaging alone. Everything comes in a hand crafted wood crate sealed with beautiful silk ribbon. Perfection.

scarf book cover

scarf book contents

The table of contents looks like fabric swatches!

scarf book sample2

This is a section divider that’s illustrated to look like a floral scarf.

scarf book sample1

The instructions are photographs that make tying and twisting scarves look like a breeze.


THE scarf <3

{FIVE} Something from the heart

Ever since we’ve lived in Arkansas, which has been about five years now, the church we attended back in Kansas City has sent me a birthday card. As the years pass, I keep wondering, “Is this the year they’ll stop sending a note?” But their thoughtfulness continues! It reminds me how a simple gesture like a card can brighten someone’s day.

letter from church

Along the same lines, a heartfelt note posted on Facebook can also have a deep impact. My sister wrote this beautiful message that made me cry!! The picture was taken at my niece’s wedding, where KJ was the most beautiful MOTB in every way.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 5.54.43 PM

Have an amazing weekend, friends. Here’s to some happy gifting. Even if you don’t have a big budget, you can give someone the present of a lifetime. All you need is your heart – and the courage to open it up.



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