Friday Wrap: Back-to-School Week

Friends, it’s Friday! That means we made it another week, and it’s time for a quick wrap up of what went down in the Andersen house. This is pretty much in chronological order…

{ONE} Back-to-School Pictures


Happy back-to-school season! It has been so fun looking at everyone’s pics on Facebook and Instagram. Our classes started Monday, and this was our contribution to the picture party. I was relieved to see everyone looks relaxed and pulled together. What started as a well-organized morning turned into a darn near sitcom as we chased our puppy, Leo, around the house retrieving socks and shoes from his mouth – while also getting five Andersens dressed, fed, brushed and out the door in time. I didn’t manage to dry my hair, so I was the mom who looked like a wet dog dropping off her kids on the first day if anyone didn’t recognize me. My girls were super sweet and said, “Mom, it’s totally okay to just drop us off at the door. We got this.” Yes, they do. And nothing could make me feel more proud.

{TWO} Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas – Also Gluten Free

If you’re looking for some creative ways to pack your kids’ lunches, this is a great resource! My kids get tired of the same sandwiches, so I wanted to start the year right full of ideas. I bought a couple of Lunch Blox Kits from Walmart to help pack these “bento box” style lunches. So far they’re working great. Here’s to happy lunching!

{THREE} The Magical Puppy Kong

puppy Kong

Okay, so y’all know we have a new puppy. We weren’t quite prepared for all of the chewing, nipping and biting. Yikes! I know part of the situation is that he’s teething. So I’ve been letting him sink those choppers into some frozen washcloths and other teething toys. There’s one that he particularly L.O.V.E.S. It’s the Kong for puppies.

If you have a dog, you’re probably familiar with these magical toys that dropped down from heaven. So far Leo has NOT been able to destroy this thing. That’s a miracle unto itself. And he’s still interested in playing with it! We’ve filled it with all kinds of treats, which keeps him super happy and engaged. The only tricky part is not introducing too many new foods at once (just like a baby) or puppies get a tummy ache. That happened to us, and Leo needed some probiotics. Oops. All better now.

{FOUR} Garden Living

I ventured over to this darling new garden store near my home in Fayetteville, AR. My garden goodness, this place is really beautiful and offers hard-to-find items in our area, such as Italian hand-thrown pottery and Dutch garden tools. I purchased a bottle of specialty hummingbird food on my first outing, which seems to be delicious according to the three little birds that continue to frequent my feeder. I’m definitely going back multiple times, and I encourage you to check it out. They have an online store, too!!

{FIVE} Garden Therapy

lavender garden

All of that shopping must have put me in a gardening mood. Although, when am I not? I headed to my brother’s hobby farm up in Missouri yesterday and spent the day pulling weeds in the lavender garden. It was incredibly therapeutic. The sky was clear and the wind was soft. Huge bumbles and butterflies were fluttering around while I listened to a cool playlist on the iPod that my nephew had compiled. The more I dug around and brushed against the lavender leaves, the more fragrant the air became. Even though it was hard work, during those few hours, all was well with the world. Certainly a nice place to be.

Have a blissful weekend, my friends. You deserve one!



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2 comments on “Friday Wrap: Back-to-School Week

  1. That garden looks awesome! I’ve wanted to get some lavender to plant in our backyard because it’s pretty and it also deters mosquitos!

    • Hi, Jenn! I didn’t realize lavender deters mosquitos. That’s a happy bonus! Good luck with your planting. If you have trouble finding lavender in your local nurseries, maybe give Burpee a try. I’ve had luck ordering from there. 🙂

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