Friday Wrap: Back to School Time

Happy Friday! It’s already back-to-school time in our house. Yikes. We had our orientation/ice cream social on Thursday and now we’re making final preps for the big day on Monday.

you got this

I am totally digging these pencils. I don’t know if they’re more appropriate for the kids or me!!

Speaking of supplies…have you seen the new Walmart commercial with the Whitesnake song? It’s darling!! I’m also pretty positive it’s how my kids feel about getting back in the saddle. They want to own that first day armed with awesome supplies, a stylish outfit and an enviable homemade lunch.

I don’t blame them. In fact, I love that first-day feeling. Part jittery, part pumped. So I’ve done my best to help make this whole back-to-school season go as smooth as I can.

Here are five things up my mom-sleeve.

{And note, these are more for my girls than for my 13-yr. old son. He has assured me that he’s “got this, mom” and I believe him 100%. No fancy pencils needed for that kid.}

{ONE} The Outfit

iron on tees

My girls wanted something special to wear for their first day, and we found a few cute things from a mix of Old Navy, Target, Justice and Academy (for PE days). But when it came to “the outfit” for the first day, they decided to make something! Those two apples didn’t fall far from the tree.

We ended up getting some iron on transfers and made cute tees like the one above. I’ll post the official first-day pic on Monday!

{TWO} Fun Backpacks

backpacks full

We searched high and low for a backpack that had all of the pockets, zippers and space needed, PLUS the option to personalize so I don’t have to figure out how and where to label the darn thing. Pottery Barn Teen for the win. I really love how these turned out.

backpacks personalized

PB may have personalized with their names, but the girls made sure to personalize with charms, as well! 😉

Oh, and we found Converse tennies to match Clara’s pack. (She’s obsessed with Converse.) Bonus!

matching shoes

{THREE} Lunchbox Hacks

There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest, but this is one of my favorite compilations if you want a slew of smart ideas in one simple post.

bananas-secret-writingThere’s everything from writing a secret message on a banana with a tooth pick to the more essential hacks of wrapping a pre-sliced apple with saran wrap so it doesn’t get brown.


Another trick I was super excited to find – and will promptly try this year is a snack-contraption that’s made with a Mason jar and empty fruit cup container.

Mason jar lunch box trick

Pretty slick. And you can find some fun recipe combinations here.

{FOUR} Buddy Bracelets

Even though my girls have officially entered the double-digits, they still get a tad nervous about school. I thought this mother-daughter bracelet idea was so sweet.


It reminded me about the worry stones we did last year. Oh, and the Kissing Hands we would do when they were little. The girls decided these bracelets would be a fun twist this year. So…

I’m going to surprise them with matching bracelets on the first day of school for the three of us to wear. They’ll be a gentle reminder that we have love and support around us – even on the toughest days.

{FIVE} Important Notes

I’m a big fan of communication, which means I’m big on notes. Here are some notes for teachers, kids and even mommas and daddies out there sending their hearts out the door to school. <3

For Your Teachers

Student Information Sheet

Most teachers ask for this kind of info on the first day of school, but just in case, you could send this along to make things easy. I also like to jot down a few things about the kids – like what their favorite activities, books, and subjects are. Basically things I’d like to know if I were a teacher! 🙂

For Your Kids


Lunchbox love notes are awesome, but sometimes a silly joke is just what your day needs. Download this and more lunchbox notes here.

first day of school poem

This would be a great way to get kids talking about how they feel about school – and specifically their first day!

For You!

parent love note

Okay, as a mom, I think this would be THE sweetest thing to receive from a teacher on the first day of school.

holding hands

A little something to remember as we bravely let go a little bit each day to make room for our babies to grow.

My friends, here’s to a successful back-to-school season for everyone. And in the meantime, I have a very important question…

what type of wine




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