Friday Wrap

Well, the weather peeps got it wrong this week. I’m not complaining, though. They called for rain every single day, and it only rained once. I made plans for lots of indoor activities, but kept getting drawn outside by the lovely weather. I did manage to pull off a few projects. So overall, it turned out to be a fairly well-balanced week. Here are five of my favorite things:

{ONE} Birdseed Cakes

The kids and I made these little birdseed cakes in honor of Earth Day, which was Wednesday. We thought it would be nice to feed the beautiful goldfinches that have been visiting our back porch lately.

Birdseed ornaments

These were super easy to make. Get the recipe.

{TWO} Wedding Scrapbook

In an earlier post I mentioned I’m working on a scrapbook for my niece and her fiancé. I’m not super scrappy with all of the scissors, punches and Cricut machinery, but I do love a good paper project when I can get my hands on one. This scrapbook has been just what my creativity has needed.

Wedding scrapbook

I put the couple’s name and year they met at the top and added this sweet quote by Audrey Hepburn. Their wedding colors are yellow and gray, which is such a pretty combo.

{THREE} Easy Peasy Dinner

I had one of those “what the hell are we going to eat tonight” moments this week and ran to the store to find this saucy little secret. It made the most delicious dinner. All I did was heat up some Tyson Grilled and Ready chicken and poured this pouch over the top. I steamed some rice and even picked up a box of egg rolls for a complete, at-home Chinese meal in minutes. I will be doing this again.

Campbell's Skillet Sauces

So yummy!! I have two hungry boys in my family, so I used two pouches.

{FOUR} Soccer Medals!

It’s hard to believe the soccer season is already over for these girlies. They had a great time with their daddy as the coach. B is such a patient and encouraging man. He’s so good for the team. They had some wins, losses, rainouts and forfeits, and through it all, they always remembered to have fun. Sports are more than a score, and I love that B teaches his girls that lesson.

Soccer girls

Look at these soccer twinsies! They’re so proud of their medals, and I’m so proud of them.

{FIVE} Momma’s Day Out

Here’s a little confession. I’ve been holding on to a gift certificate to a local spa since my birthday – which was in early March. You’d think a busy momma like me would have bee-lined for that massage table like it was a Lilly Pulitzer sundress at Target. It might sound weird, but I’ve actually been savoring the mere idea that I have this treat coming. So the gift card has been sitting in my planner – making me smile. I finally decided to cash in the prize, and man was it worth it. After my ahh-mazing treatment, I took advantage of all of the perks in that place. I sat in the steam room, used one of their disposable razors, sampled the Moroccan oil shampoo, indulged in the complimentary body oils, ate the trail mix, and drank the cucumber water before steeping some delicious White Lion tea with honey pearls. I’m sure the spa people were like, “Is she ever going to leave?” Eventually, I did. And with a whole new lease on life.

Honey Pearls

This is one of my after-spa treats. These honey pearls are my new favorite thing. I ate an entire packet like it was Pixy Stix.

I’m feeling rested and ready for a super weekend. I hope you are, too!




6 comments on “Friday Wrap

  1. I love those birdseed cakes. So cute! And, have you ever tried the Frontera skillet sauces? I should seriously be their spokesperson, I rave about them so much!

  2. Thank you for sharing about the skillet sauce pouches! I hadn’t seen them before and will definitely be on the lookout now. Who doesn’t love a simple and yummy meal? 🙂 Glad you enjoyed such an amazing spa experience!! Congrats to your girls and hubby on a great soccer season! Hope your weekend is off to a terrific start!

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