Friday Wrap: More Doing

fridayHappy Friday, friends! We made it through another week. As I was reflecting on what to share today, I decided to think in terms of verbs instead of nouns or things. It’s a subtle shift, but it challenged me to focus on what I did that was meaningful, exciting, restful, or interesting.

Here are a few highlights…

{ONE} Celebrated with Evan


I’m happy to report Evan and his friends had a blast at his 13th birthday party. It started with a game of outdoor laser tag at Modern Mission followed by pizza at Mellow Mushroom and an ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. Then it was back to the house for a backyard campout. The boys ended up putting the tent ON TOP OF the trampoline, which was an event unto itself. I’m still laughing just looking at the pic. Good times.

{TWO} Shared lovely gifts

gift card jar

Remember when I shared a few fun ways to wrap a gift card? Well, the twins were invited to a birthday party this week, and we used one of the ideas. We filled a jar with Skittles and tucked a gift card to Hobby Lobby down in the middle. Then we tied a satin ribbon around the rim and personalized the lid with a “J” for their friend Jazzy. She. Loved. It.

{THREE} Opened this book


I’ve had this book on my dresser for a few weeks now, and I finally cracked it open this week. It’s a hand-sketched journal full of prompts to get you thinking, writing, drawing, and most importantly moving along your personal journey.

The first prompt was: Name five things that make you instantly smile. A few that came to mind for me were hearing my favorite song, seeing my kids right when they get out of school, getting a bear hug from my husband, playing with my pets Rosie and Leo, and drinking coffee on my back porch where I can see the lake.

What would you have answered?

{FOUR} Exercised like I meant it

running app

With swim suit season just one-monthly calendar page away, I have a new burst of motivation to get out of my seat and onto my feet. In fact, I decided to take up running. Well, more like walking/jogging (walging). I’m not looking to enter any races. I just want to drop a few lbs and have more energy.

I found this app called Running for Weight Loss. I started using it yesterday, and you can see my map on the right. I trucked along and finished a 2.60 mile loop. (I mean business!) What I like about the app is that it guides you through intervals of walking and running, which is apparently the way to burn more calories. The app also has a great selection of music to listen to while you workout. Wish me luck as I continue!

{FIVE} Planted some culinary herbs


We’ve had gorgeous weather, so I’ve been in the garden as much as humanly possible. One of my projects was planting an herb garden. In the picture above you can see I added dill, lemon thyme and oregano to the mix. I can’t wait for them to get a little bigger so I can snip and get cookin’.

I believe today is Earth Day, so it would be the perfect time to get back out there and plant more goodies, recycle trash, use less water, or do any of these incredibly helpful acts.

Here’s to a lot more “doing”!!




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