TGI Friday Wrap

What a wild week! I’m definitely feeling the TGIF vibes today. This mama needs either a long winter’s nap or a Venti anything at Starbucks. Have you ever felt that way?! Even though our family has been crazy busy, it’s been well worth the effort. Here’s a recap of my five favorite moments.

{ONE} The 10th Birthday Bash

girls with bears

ICYMI: We organized one heck of a bear birthday last weekend. Be sure to check out the full post for pics. In the meantime, please know I’m still enjoying the leftover bear paw cupcakes and my comfy “mama bear” sweatshirt! <3

{TWO} Proud Mom Moments 

I was blessed with several proud mom moments this week – compliments of my son, Evan. I hope you don’t mind if I shine the spotlight on him a bit…


First, I found out he was awarded Hero of the Month at his school. This month’s character word was “helping hand,” which means Evan was voted by his teachers and peers as being the most helpful to others. If that didn’t make me tear up, the comment he made about “not expecting anything in return for being kind” sure did.

We also just found out he was selected for the Arkansas EAST conference. And to top that news, his drama teacher announced he was the only student from his school to receive a statewide recognition for his skills in stagecraft. Apparently he rocks at stage lighting. I didn’t even know he could do that!. Is this kid really mine?!

{THREE} Book Club Recipes

I’m incredibly happy to report our first book club meeting was a hit. It may have had a little something to do with the GIANT batch of sangria I made. Oops.


This is a 3-gallon container!!

Honestly, I really wasn’t paying attention to the volume of liquid I was pouring into the container. And once you start adding a few ingredients, you’re pretty much committed to the recipe. My friends and I barely made a dent, but the silver lining is that it freezes really well. Now I have sangria slushies for the entire summer!

Other amazing recipes of the night included Mimi’s Enchilada Casserole, as well as her Slow Cooker Chocolate Fondue. I actually ended up making three different recipes and used the “triple-threat” crockpot my son gave me for Christmas. It was perfect! I will totally do this again. All of it.

{FOUR} Binging on Peaky Blinders


Okay, this is yet another fantastic Netflix original series. If you haven’t started this one, you totally should. The story is about a gangster family empire set in 1919 Birmingham, England. The head of the family, Thomas Shelby, is played by Cillian Murphy, who has breath-taking blue eyes under that dangerous cap of his, which is adorned with razor blades. You’ll love the smoky cinematography, and of course the storyline. One tip is to turn on your subtitles because some of the accents are pretty thick – and you don’t want to miss any of the great dialogue.

There are only two seasons to date, so you could easily binge this thing in no time at all – as B and I recently did. Rumor has it they’re filming season three as we speak. #cantwait

{FIVE} Valentine Wishes

If you’re looking for some super easy Valentine’s card ideas for your kids or friends, you could check out this previous post. You could also go this easy route…

IMG_7302 IMG_7303

I designed round labels (using the Avery online templates). Then my girls stuck them onto little applesauce cups. Cute, right?! I bought the cups in bulk, so they were only 25¢ a piece.

We get to take them to school today for their big party. Although, I don’t think Avery is going to make it. (sad face) She started running a fever last night, so that might mean a slow and easy weekend for these peeps.

Before we officially wrap, I have one last super important note…


Isn’t Amy Poehler the best? I loved her book (which we read in book club) and her whole Galentine’s Day!

Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day, the traditional Valentine’s Day, or both, I hope it’s as lovely as you are.




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