Five Kind Things to Do


Meet MaKayla, our Kindness Elf

So our Kindess Elf arrived in the mail on Monday, December 1st #perfecttiming. I got her from Etsy (or a small island west of Norway – whichever you’d like to believe). Our elf’s name is MaKayla, and she’s pretty adorbs. A few things we’ve learned about her so far:

  • She loves mini marshmallows. Like a lot.
  • Her favorite stuffed animal in our house is Mr. Fluffers.
  • It’s okay to touch her – unlike Elf on the Shelf who apparently loses his magic and needs to be immediately sprinkled with cinnamon to reestablish his powers. #highmaintenance
  • She doesn’t mind listening to the same song on the piano over and over again. Maybe she’s actually a saint?

Here are the five ‘kind’ things we’ve done with our elf this week. If you’re lucky enough to have a kindness elf in your life these days, these might help with some ideas…

  1. Went around the dinner table and told each person what we like best about them
  2. Wrote letters to friends or family whom we haven’t seen in a long time
  3. Shared a bowl full of candy with some friends
  4. Made a list of “polite” words to try and use as often as we can
  5. Smiled at as many people as we could

I have to say, she’s been fun and hasn’t been too stressful adding into our Christmas traditions. In fact, she’s been pretty special to have around. Rumor has it she’s going to ask us if we want to make some dog toys for the local shelter this weekend. That MaKayla. Always thinking of others – including those with fur.

Have a super awesome weekend and be sure to check back next week for some creative ideas on teacher gifts! What’s your fave thing to give – besides gift cards?!



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