Five Fall Garden To Dos

While the temperatures are still mild and it feels pretty darn awesome to be outside, I think I’ll get organized in the garden. Here are five simple things I plan to do this weekend to tend to my plant babies:

{ONE} Clean it up

This might sound like a no-brainer, but now is the time to cut back perennials and clean out any dead leaves or annuals that have called it quits. So I’ll get out my pruners and go to town.

{TWO} Plant some bulbs

I always have dreams of having fields (yes, plural) of gorgeous spring tulips, daffodils and iris surrounding my home. Then I wake up and realize I must first plant them. Now is the time to get those suckers in the ground. The best thing to do is find a sunny spot to plant and set them deep enough in the ground. How deep, you might ask? I’ve actually heard this is the most common question about planting. So…

A good rule of thumb: Dig a hole two times deeper than the bulb is tall.

{THREE} Water everything in sight

We’ve had a dry fall so far, so it’s super important to turn on those sprinklers or my favorite: the hose that grows (not pictured, btw).

{FOUR} Spread some compost

I don’t have an official compost pile at the moment. It’s one of those things on my “to do at some point in my life” list. So for now, when I need to apply a quality compost, I get mushroom compost or something similar and put about an inch in the garden. This will break down over the winter months and improve the quality of the soil. That equals a happy, healthy home for our plant babies. It also means you might not have to fertilize come spring. Yay!

{FIVE} Apply mucho mulch

I might not get to this step until a little later. Once the ground is cold, I’ll put down some mulch over all of the perennials. I like to use fresh fallen leaves. Here’s a great article on how to process your leaves for mulching. Hay from your Halloween decorations makes great mulch, too.

Isn’t this a gorgeous porch?! This might have to be my next “to do”. Have a great week and enjoy the garden!



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