Five April Fool’s Pranks to Pull Right Now!

How perfect that a ‘holiday’ like April Fool’s falls on a Friday this year. It’s already a day we feel relaxed, silly and excited for the next two days ahead. With that said, here are some of my favorite pranks that are easy – and harmless. So let’s get started…

{ONE} Fruit Punch, Anyone?

jello prank

These drinks are made with Jello, so they’re impossible to sip, but guaranteed to surprise!! You could totally make these for dinner. Insert a straw right after you pour the Jello mix into the glasses and let them cool in the refrigerator until it’s time to serve.   {source}

{TWO} Air Horn Surprise

air horn wall protector

When you duct tape an air horn to a wall, you’re sure to give someone a giant surprise when they walk in the room. This would be funny in a bathroom or office. Air horns are usually in the Sports & Outdoors section of stores like Walmart.  {source}

{THREE} iPhone Cat Apps

cat apps

Turn all of the app icons on your friend’s iPhone to crazy cat faces! This would require some logistics getting your friend or co-worker’s phone, but it would be worth the laugh. This is the link to make it happen.

{FOUR} Shadow Bugs

bug in lamp

This would be an easy way to freak out anyone who turns on the lamp!! Cut out the shape of a very large, creepy bug and tape it to the inside of your shade. {source}

{FIVE} Googly Eyes for the Win

googly eyes

Add self-adhesive googly eyes to everything – and I mean everything. Lol! {source}

lunchbox prank

This would make the perfect lunchbox prank. {source}

Enjoy the day indulging your inner prankster!




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