Friday Wrap: Finding Kindness

If you’ve been following the blog the past few days, you know I’ve been celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week in various ways. I hope you have, too!


It’s been uplifting to see so many others joining this national effort. There have been tons of positive posts online, people literally paying it forward at coffee shops and fast food lines, and countless small gestures that have left life-size impressions on peoples’ hearts. It’s awesome.

As I went through the week, I tried to keep my eyes open to kindness and catch people doing some good around here. 🙂 Here are five of my favorites…

{ONE} Valentine Wishes for the Elderly

Clara’s class decided to make Valentine’s Day cards for the nursing home down the street from their school. A few of the kids were able to gather (outside of school time) to deliver their handmade cards, little bags of candy and a basket of fresh flowers to all of the residents. It was an amazing experience for these kids – and me!

I loved watching Clara patiently introduce herself with a smile and wish everyone a happy day. One woman gave Clara the biggest hug and said how much she loved the visit. Not everyone was able to communicate as well, which was hard to witness. But that was part of the loving lesson – remembering we’re all connected. Recognizing we’re on the same journey and deserving of each other’s kindness.


Clara Jane is in the blue coat 🙂

{TWO} Bunny Bundles

My brother, Michael, has a cool little hobby farm up in Missouri. It’s right on Indian Creek, so they’ve named the place Indian Hollow. The land is rich with Native American history. In fact, my brother found an arrowhead one day. He and his wife built an adorable cabin up there and have filled the surrounding acres with native plants, trees and soon-to-arrive bees. One of his “crops” is a grove of Arkansas Black apple trees – which brings me to the “kindness” message.

You know I have a bunny, right? Well, bunnies LOVE chewing on sticks – especially sweet apple twigs. My brother remembered me mentioning this one day. So on his recent trip up to the farm, he trimmed some of the loose branches and brought me this amazing pile for our bunny, Rosie. Not only does this make our bun-bun super happy, but also gives purpose to those branches which would have normally been discarded. #sweetbrother #givingtree

apple twigs

This is the equivalent of about 500 Snickers bars for my bunny. Apple sticks are such a treat!!

{THREE} Time Out for Snuggles

I don’t know who needed this little act of kindness more, Leo the puppy or Avery the exhausted 4th grader. They both had a busy and somewhat rough day, and I found the two of them snuggled together on my bed. It was such a sweet moment and reminded me that kindness comes in many forms.

{FOUR} Sidewalk Love

This act of kindness took place prior to this week, but I was reminded of it when I went running this morning. One of my neighbors took the time to walk through the entire neighborhood and paint yellow lines on all of the uneven sidewalks to prevent people from tripping. He must have spent days doing this. And I never saw him in action. He must have worked quietly in the morning light. When I posted a thank you on our neighborhood Facebook page, a woman mentioned it was her husband. He just wanted people to be safe. How sweet is that?

Avery had actually skinned her knee pretty badly on one of our sidewalks this past summer. So we always slowed down at that spot to remind each other to step up. Now when we get there, we say a little “thank you” to our kind neighbor.IMG_0054

{FIVE} Uplifted by Friends – Literally

Evan had an unfortunate incident at our local trampoline park this week, and he ended up with a nasty sprain. The doctor prescribed crutches for a few days, which meant he had to miss his basketball game and postpone the beginning of track season. Those were all things he could deal with. Walking to classes all day with nearly 25lbs of books while on crutches was another thing.

He has such an amazing group of friends, though. After Evan’s first day on crutches, he got in the car and told me how his friends had helped him. Cole was extra nice and carried his books all day. And at one point (when the bell rang and he wasn’t sure if he could make it all the way across the building to science class in time) four of his friends grabbed his crutches, lifted him up, and carried him all the way to class. I can just picture those kids running down the hall holding Evan like he was some sort of sports hero – laughing the entire time. The story touched my heart so much, though. The look on his face as he shared the details of the day was priceless. He experienced the joy of good, caring friends – and what pure kindness really feels like. What a gift.

basketball picture

The friends that helped Evan are also on his basketball team. They took this picture the night he had to miss the game. They also joked about his shirt. It should have read “crutch” is my middle name 😉

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. Here’s hoping we can keep this kindness train on track so we can feel and experience it every day.





4 comments on “Friday Wrap: Finding Kindness

  1. Love this! Hope Evan’s ankle is better soon! Remind me to tell you what I “almost” got a picture of at that last game!

    • Thank you!! Connor is such an awesome friend. Evan said he sat out with him at Highrise after the accident – and provided some much needed comic relief. I can’t wait to hear your story. We might have to hit CORE tonight 🙂

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