A Fast & Fabulous Ornament

DIY gold ornament

I’m feeling joyful now that my ornament is ready to share!

Okay, so the twinsies and I have our annual mom & daughter holiday party this Friday. It’s actually called The Not-So-Silent Night Christmas Party, which is perfectly titled. If you’ve ever had more than a handful of tween girls in your home, you know the decibels can reach glass-shattering levels.

Anyway, last year was the first of these parties and the girls had a blast playing games and crafting while the moms sipped our chardo-nay-nays and exchanged ornaments. I had waited until the last minute and all of the cute ornaments were picked over. I swore I wouldn’t do that to myself again. Well, here it is the week of the party, and have I purchased my ornament, yet? No.

But I decided not to get in a stress ball about it and just make something cute. Why didn’t I just do that last time?!

Here’s the ornament I whipped today using a clear glass ball, pretty gold stickers, jumbo glitter and fancy ribbon! I’d give you a full, step-by-step DIY, but that would possibly insult your intelligence. I literally just put stickers on a ball, sprinkled a little glitter inside, and tied a ribbon on top. And look how pretty!!

glass ornament DIY

I put “joy” on the side. It was hard to get a good picture since the glass has a glare, but it looks darling in person! Swear.

ornament supplies

This was all I used! See how simple?!

If you want to make a bundle of inexpensive gifts for friends, teachers, co-workers, neighbors, babysitters, mail carriers, hair dressers…you get the drift…then load up on some of these ornament supplies and go to town. You could wrap them in handmade ornament boxes to make them extra special. Regardless, I hope you have a total ball making these.

Happy crafting!!



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