At the end of the day, walk away.

Does the thought of leaving something unfinished at the end of the day make your eye twitch? You might be the kind of person who’d rather stay late at work, skip another workout, and maybe even miss a meal or two, just to wrap up one more email…come up with one more idea…check one more “to-do” off the list…finish every last bit of that website copy so you’ll feel better tomorrow.

I’ve been there. I’m a notorious night owl who feels like I can’t get to sleep with unfinished business on the brain. But what if I’m wrong?

What if stopping and stepping away for a bit is actually a more productive way forward? (I’m screaming “nooooo” on the inside, just so you know.)

Before we keep hammering each nail completely flat (see how I pulled you in on this, too), let’s consider the thought of leaving an inch for tomorrow. What would really happen? (Spoiler alert, it’s not terror or massive anxiety.)

According to some really smart scientists, when we leave something slightly unfinished, it’s actually easier to pick up where we left off the next day.

They also suggest we can jump back in a little further along, especially if it’s a creative task!

The reasoning? When cognitive threads are left hanging in our mind, our subconscious continues to weave those into ideas like a knitting ninja – making connections, providing clarity, and giving us an awesome place to start the next day.

So, when we walk away from our work for a bit and go about our afternoon or evening with friends, hobbies, exercise or maybe even a glass of wine, we’re actually being productive on the inside. And, um, enjoying life.

Cheers to more restful nights and creative tomorrows!



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