Cute Ways to Organize Pet Stuff

According to some calendars, today is National Pet Day. I’ll take any excuse to talk about my furry babies. If you’re a pet owner, I’m sure you feel the same way. So take this as an open invitation to share your pictures and stories with me. (I LOVE pet pics!)

Here are a couple of my faves of Rosie, our bunny, and Leo, our mini Goldendoodle. I promise I’ll get to the cute organizational tips here in a sec.

rosie at the office

Rosie was helping me with my writing one a rainy day. It was also right after Leo was neutered, so he had a cone on his head. That meant Rosie was free to roam our home. #happybunny

Leo with treats

This was taken after Leo passed his puppy training class. Note the treats sitting on his paws. He’s showing off his “wait” command. #goodpuppy

Okay, now for some ideas on how to organize all of the food, leashes, toys, treats and other pet-loving accoutrements we’ve collected…

Note: while most of these look like ideas for dogs, they could easily be adopted for cats – or bunnies!

grandinroad pet bin

This adorable piece of furniture holds food, bowls and a basket for toys. I also love the leash hook on the side. You can find this at Grandin Road for $300.

pullout food bowls

How clever is this? It’s a built-in drawer that pulls out to feed your pets. The cabinet directly above could hold bags of food and other supplies. If you have space in your kitchen or laundry room, this would be an awesome addition.

food station from desk

If you don’t have the space (or don’t want the commitment of a built-in) you could take an old dresser and turn it into a feeding station. You could also attach a hook on the side for leashes, like the first option!

pet bed plus organizer

What a great way to organize your pet supplies in an entryway or mudroom – and it even makes room for your best bud. This piece is from Pottery Barn for $400.


Speaking of making room, check out this hideaway that sits inside of a cabinet. The door slides up and reveals a cozy nook for naps. And I love the giant baskets on the right for storage.

cupboard for pets

This has DIY written all over it. It’s just an old armoire that has been given a fresh coat of paint and a few hooks on the inside of the doors to organize all-things pet.

hanging organizer

If you don’t have space for a large piece of furniture, this is a handy over-the-door organizer for about $50 that you could hang in a laundry room, mudroom or the inside of a utility closet.

leash holder

If you just want to create a smart little “walking station” by the door, this is would be an easy project to try. It uses a wipe container for waste bags, and it’s attached to a piece of wood – along with a few hooks for leashes.

Those are just a few ideas I thought were simple, darling or just dang smart. Let me know how you organize all of your pet supplies! In the meantime, go love on those furry friends of yours. Today is an extra special day for them, you know!




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