Create a Welcoming Entryway

Happy Friday and almost-Thanksgiving! With the holidays quickly closing in, I’ve been thinking about ways to spruce up the house.

I’m starting with the entryway, because, well, that’s the start to each person’s visit. That’s where I welcome my sweet friends and family. Plus, it sets the tone for the rest of the house. If it’s filled with shoes, backpacks, stacks of paper and random toys, you can pretty much guarantee the rest of our house looks the same.

I want people to feel relaxed and welcome when they come over, so here’s a plan we can all try.

Five steps to creating a warm and welcoming entryway.

{ONE} Declutter

The easiest way to start is to take a quick look and spot anything that doesn’t belong. Take a large basket and put all of the misplaced items inside. Then carry them to their homes. Shoes go in the closet. Backpacks go in the bedroom or a mudroom on a hook. Toys go in their bin. You get the picture. This is a great job for the kids, btw.

{TWO} Plan the space

Next, decide how you want to use the space. Do you need a spot for umbrellas? Are you short on storage and need to add a place to hang coats? Is your entryway fairly large, so you need to divide the space with a table? Make a checklist, which makes the next step much easier.

{THREE} Furnish

Look for pieces of furniture that best fit the space. I’ve seen some super creative ideas. (In fact, I’ve posted some photos down below.) If you don’t have room for a table, would a small bench work? If there’s wall space for a mirror or large piece of art, this would be the perfect spot to show it off.

{FOUR} Personalize

Add accessories that only you could add, like photos of the family or an antique typewriter from your grandmother. It not only makes the space feel more like you, but also helps create some conversation.

{FIVE} Check your senses

Now that everything is in place, be sure to add fresh flowers and a fragrant candle or diffuser to engage the senses. You can also add accessories that add pretty colors to the overall look of your space. Color can be a powerful thing.

Some of my favorite entryways I’ve seen so far >>

That seafoam door is gorgeous. And it’s perfectly paired with a colorful rug and neutral walls and accents. I could swoon.

This is so clean and simple. You could easily swap out the pillows for each season, too.

If you need an entryway that also serves as a closet, this is a pretty way to keep things organized. The hooks are lovely, and the little shelf under the bench for shoes is brilliant.

Not much room for a table? No problem. Build a custom shelf on a wall that serves as a table. Isn’t this beautiful?

Not every entryway needs a table. I like this arrangement of stacked seagrass suitcases resting under a large (and meaningful) poster. PS. I also really like that light fixture.

Here’s another solution to not much room for a table…a shelf made out of pretty wooden corbels and a long piece of rustic wood.

Not many houses have a distinct room as an entryway. This is so pretty, and I love the detail work on the table. It reminds me of an antique sewing table for some reason.

This style is a bit more homey. Benches make a great substitute for tables. You can load them with pillows and other soft items like blankets to add  texture and color. I also like how they personalized the space with the “Est. 2010” artwork. I’m assuming that’s when they were married? Cute.

This is styled so well. I love how it’s eclectic with the plaid baskets, wooden sign and metal table, yet it’s all pulled together through the symmetry of the lamps, flowers and even pumpkins. It just works.

Oooh, doesn’t this just scream “Fixer Upper”? The natural elements of the wreath and wooden accents are wonderful. If I walked into this entryway, I’d expect the rest of the house to be a natural retreat.

I hope you’ve had fun exploring some ideas with me. Enjoy your weekend and I can’t wait to connect back next week! In the meantime, check out all of the amazing bloggers through these link up parties.

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