Commit, Then Figure it Out

Normally, I wouldn’t suggest getting yourself in a pickle on purpose, but there are times when you have to “get off the pot” as they say and make progress. This might require you to commit to something or someone – even if you’re not sure how the hell you’ll get it done.

It will probably be scary and uncomfortable, but it could also be the spark you need to light the fire in your belly – and under your butt. Lol! There’s also a chance you’ll surprise yourself with what you CAN do.

Just this weekend I received inspiration on this topic from a passage by author Mark Batterson.

Here’s the gist. >>

Every dream is conceived twice. The first is mental. Every creation,  invention, business, painting, or book is conceived in your mind. The second creation is physical. It requires action to make it real.

If your dream is writing a book, you make it real with your keyboard. If your dream is making music, you make it real one note at a time. If your dream is opening a store, you make it real by writing a business plan and lining up capital. Yes!

Setting goals is great and important, but committing to them and taking action is the only way to see them realized.

“Without perspiration to match your inspiration, your dream imagined will turn into a dream deferred.”

Here’s where the rubber meets the road.

Right now, think about one of your dreams. Do you want to open a boutique, write a book, or sell your art in galleries? That’s awesome!

Tell someone about it so you feel accountable (and hear yourself say it out loud…that can be big.) Then make a commitment. Set a date to have a draft written, schedule an art class, arrange a meeting with the bank for a loan…whatever needs to happen, make the commitment. Then go for it!

Here’s something to remind yourself the moment you feel scared. >>

Cheering you on, my creative peeps!!



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  1. That pizza looks delicious. I’m looking forward to the Winter Olympics. I don’t really enjoy the Summer Olympics very much, but I like a lot of the events from the Winter Olympics. One year, I even went to a curling class after watching the Olympics. It was terrifying but fun!

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