Make Someone Feel Good – Including Yourself!

You know that awesome feeling you get when you watch someone open a gift you gave them, or on the flipside, when someone you don’t know shares a smile with you or lets you merge in front of them on a high-traffic day? All the feels, right?

Well, tomorrow is a day to pull out all the stops. It’s Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) day across the world.

I love that this falls so close to Valentine’s day when we’re already thinking about sending cards and doing nice things for the people we love. Now we can shift our focus to people we don’t even know!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the pay-it-forward scenarios at places like Starbucks where someone pays for your coffee in the drive-thru, and you get to keep the chain going by paying for the next car. As someone who has been on the receiving end of that gesture, that would be a fantastic thing to do tomorrow and truly make someone happy.

I wanted to share a few additional ideas that are not only easy, but also something you might not have thought about.

Here are five ways to spread extra love and kindness over the next 24 hours (or longer if you also want to feel stronger, healthier and happier yourself. (As it turns out, kindness is powerful stuff!) >

{ONE} Chalk It Up!

My girls love to write with chalk on our driveway. In fact, last Mother’s Day eve, Avery stayed up super late filling our entire driveway with chalk flowers so I could walk outside to the “largest bouquet I’ve ever seen.” (Yes, there were tears of joy over that one.)

And what a cool thing to do for a neighbor you might not know very well or someone who isn’t feeling well? Sneak over and decorate his or her sidewalk or driveway with a cheerful message!

{TWO} Give Props

Jump online and share positive feedback on sites like Yelp or other review sites for your favorite store or restaurant.

It might seem like a tiny gesture, but those reviews add up and can make a huge difference for local shops trying to make a name for themselves.

It also helps to be specific about your review. Is there a favorite dish or server or item you can always count on that makes each trip worthwhile? Be sure to call it out.

{THREE} Share a Note x 2

{get the free printable here}

I love surprising my kids with love notes in their lunch boxes from time to time. I don’t do it every day, as some mornings are much crazier than others. But on special occasions, I try to pull it off.

Anyway, I was just thinking how cool it would be to add an extra note for them to pass along at school. They could tape it to a friend’s locker or slip in on a teacher’s desk at the end of class – and keep the kindness flowing.

(They don’t have school tomorrow, but I’m going to surprise them with love notes when we have lunch together and challenge them to give away a note, as well!)

{FOUR} Give Warmly

{these socks are found here)

I read that socks are the most needed article of clothing at homeless shelters, yet it’s the least donated item.

So, consider stocking up on various sizes of cozy socks (that have reinforced toes and are made for lots of walking) and taking them over to your nearest shelter this weekend.

{FIVE} Reflect Good Vibes

I saw this photo online and fell in love with the idea. It would be so easy to print a sheet of decals with positive messages and stick them on bathroom mirrors everywhere you “go!” Haha!

(Using removable decals would be best, so you’re not unintentionally causing issues with a sticker that won’t come off at some point down the road.)


That’s a wrap. What other ideas do you have? How do like to spread kindness?

If you liked this post, I’ve written about the topic before. So you might also like these: personal ways to share kindness, inspiring quotes about kindness, the time I spent my birthday giving to others, how to make kindness rocks, and how we can include our kids in kindness!





A Penny for Your Thoughts – and Other Things

Our family keeps a basket on top of our fridge that we use to collect loose change. Every now and then, when we head to the car wash or take a trip to Oklahoma for soccer (which has toll roads), we dig into our basket for anything “silver” and leave the pennies behind.

Always leaving the pennies behind.

The only time we seem to think of them is when we use phrases like “penny for your thoughts” or we pick them up for good luck. And even then, that’s not very often.

So when I saw that today is National Lost Penny Day, it made me smile.

The penny gets to shine on its own mini holiday, which also happens to be Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Very fitting, right?

I thought it would be fun to share some ways we can use some of our forgotten fortune.

{ONE} Measure up

Fun fact: a stack of 16 pennies equals one inch. And if you place those same 16 pennies flat in a row, they equal one foot!

So next time you need an exact measurement – and don’t have a ruler handy, you can pull out a handful of change.

{TWO} Repel slimy slugs

I know it’s a tad soon for gardening tips, but this is one to file away – especially if you like to plant pansies. Creating a copper ball out of old pennies is said to repel slugs.

I used beer traps last year around my precious pansies (which the slugs tried to DEVOUR), but this ball would look so much prettier tucked between plants.

As a bonus, pennies are also known to increase the pH levels of soil, which enhances the color of some plants – like hydrangeas. Pennies help them turn a more vibrant blue.

I’m definitely collecting pennies for my spring gardening!!

{THREE} Preserve your petals

This is another fun fact about pennies and plants. If you put a few cents in the bottom of a vase of tulips, it keeps them fresher for a longer period of time.

The theory is that the copper acts as a natural antibacterial agent – which keeps the water clean and the flowers fresh.

{FOUR}  Pop a top

Pennies are like little Swiss army knives. They can do so many things that a small screwdriver or strong fingernail could do.

I’ve used them to pop open a can of soda, scratch off the silver stuff on the back of a gift card, unscrew the back of a toy or remote control that needed new batteries. The list is pretty much endless.

{FIVE} Heal yo’ self

Some believe wearing copper (like in the form of a bracelet) can reduce inflammation and help with conditions like arthritis. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know if it truly works, but I’m fascinated by the idea!

You can make a bracelet of pennies if they’re dated 1982 or before. {Pennies will have 95% copper in them before this date.}

If all else fails, go toss your coins in a fountain and use them to make wishes – or pay people for their thoughts. 😉

Many blessings,



5 Super Fast DIY Desk Projects

Happy Friday, sweet friends!! I have some super (and I mean suuuuper) easy DIY projects for you today. All five of these projects took an hour – tops – to pull together once I had the supplies. And they’re all designed to jazz up your office space.

What inspired this flurry of fresh deskwear?

Honestly, my office supplies were getting out of hand. Yesterday I couldn’t find one dang thing to write with. And when I needed a paper clip, I had to fish my hand down to the bottom of a jar that contained an assortment of things like ponytail holders, rubber bands and thumbtacks. Ouch.

I decided to clean out my business and get crafty up in here. If I’m going to spiff up the place, I might as well make it all look pretty, right?

So, without any further setup…

Here are the five quick-and-easy DIY projects that will make your desk look great, feel great, and work great for you.

Above shows the full picture, and now we’ll break it down…

{ONE} Non-boring Binder Clips

Supplies: Binder clips of any size and color. I used gold because I have a black and gold thing going on in my office. You’ll also want some fun rolls of Washi tape.

What I did: I took small pieces of Washi tape and applied them directly to the binder clips. That’s it. (I told you these projects were easy like Sunday morning!!)

{TWO} Pretty Paper Clips

Supplies: A package of paper clips. (I found gold ones at Hob Lob.) You’ll also want a few yards or so of thin ribbon. I used about 4″ per paper clip.

What I did: After I cut strips of ribbon, I tied them around the slightly smaller end of the paper clip so the ribbon would be at the top when you go to clip something together.

{THREE} Paper Clip Wrangler

Now to wrangle up those pretty paper clips…we have this crafty cup, which has a magnetic strip around the edge. It holds your paper clips so you don’t have to dig around and yell profanities when you poke your finger on a thumbtack or whatever else is lurking at the bottom of your cup or drawer.

Supplies: Magnetic strip that comes in a roll and has self-adhesive backing. A cup or other item to hold pencils and paper clips. I used this decorative votive because I loved the gold polka dots.

What I did: I measured around the top of the cup and cut a strip of magnet to fit perfectly. I pulled off the adhesive backing and just stuck it to the glass. Just a dab of hot glue secured the seams.

Once it was pulled together, I filled the container with pencils and attached my pretty paper clips around the outside. See?

{FOUR} Marvelous Message Board

Supplies: A frame, piece of scrapbook paper and a dry erase marker

What I did: I measured the piece of paper to fit the frame, inserted the paper into the frame, and then wrote my “to-dos” with a dry erase marker. Donedees!

{FIVE} Coastal Coffee Coaster

Supplies: A roll of jute or thick twine and a hot glue gun (oh, and I usually wear a pair garden gloves when I use my GG so I don’t burn off my fingerprints.)

What I did: I measured and cut about 1-1/2 yards of jute, and then I started rolling it super tight in the center. I squeezed a dot of hot glue to hold it together and then continued to roll the jute around itself. I added some hot glue about every 1-2 inches as I went.

When I got to the end of my rope (haha, I didn’t even mean to say that, but I do get there from time-to-tie) I just secured the loose end with glue. It ended up looking like this! >

Now I can put my coffee or tea on a pretty coastal inspired coaster, and get to work.

That’s a wrap for this week. Many caffeinated cheers and blessings,




At the end of the day, walk away.

Does the thought of leaving something unfinished at the end of the day make your eye twitch? You might be the kind of person who’d rather stay late at work, skip another workout, and maybe even miss a meal or two, just to wrap up one more email…come up with one more idea…check one more “to-do” off the list…finish every last bit of that website copy so you’ll feel better tomorrow.

I’ve been there. I’m a notorious night owl who feels like I can’t get to sleep with unfinished business on the brain. But what if I’m wrong?

What if stopping and stepping away for a bit is actually a more productive way forward? (I’m screaming “nooooo” on the inside, just so you know.)

Before we keep hammering each nail completely flat (see how I pulled you in on this, too), let’s consider the thought of leaving an inch for tomorrow. What would really happen? (Spoiler alert, it’s not terror or massive anxiety.)

According to some really smart scientists, when we leave something slightly unfinished, it’s actually easier to pick up where we left off the next day.

They also suggest we can jump back in a little further along, especially if it’s a creative task!

The reasoning? When cognitive threads are left hanging in our mind, our subconscious continues to weave those into ideas like a knitting ninja – making connections, providing clarity, and giving us an awesome place to start the next day.

So, when we walk away from our work for a bit and go about our afternoon or evening with friends, hobbies, exercise or maybe even a glass of wine, we’re actually being productive on the inside. And, um, enjoying life.

Cheers to more restful nights and creative tomorrows!



Days of Special Days

As I was checking the calendar for upcoming dates and events, I realized there’s a lot of good stuff going on today and into next week.

Let’s take a roll call of these special days!

{ONE} Go Red for Women

If you or someone close to you has been affected by heart disease, you’re not alone. Did you know heart disease is the #1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year? That’s about one woman every minute. Yikes, right?

The American Heart Association created an event called Go Red for Women to encourage everyone to wear red, raise awareness, and even dispel a few myths about heart disease. In fact, here are some of the symptoms (for women) to watch for when it comes to a heart attack.

Today is the official day, so let’s rally! Help share information from the Go Red for Women website, buy your red gear, donate to the campaign, or just wear anything red in your closet to help get the conversation started! #WearRedandGive

{TWO} Groundhog Day

Today is when we find out our weather-related fate from Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog in Pennsylvania.

According to legend, if he sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of wintry weather. If he does not see his shadow, there will be an early spring.

Here are more fun facts you can work into party conversation this weekend:

  • A groundhog’s life span is normally 6 to 8 years. Phil receives a drink of a “magical punch” every summer during the Annual Groundhog Picnic, which is supposed to extend his life.
  • New York City has a groundhog named ‘Pothole Pete’. Punxsutawney Phil is the only true weather forecasting groundhog, though.
  • Hibernation is similar to being in a coma. When groundhogs hibernate, their heart rates drop to five beats per minute and they can lose up to 30 percent of their body fat.

(THREE) Super Bowl Sunday

Bring out your popcorn bowls, dip recipes, extra large pizzas, and coolers loaded with drinks. The Big Game is upon us again! (It’s #52 if you’re a little fuzzy on Roman numerals past ten – like me. I had to look it up.)

We have Eagles vs. Patriots this time around, which should be a good game. Honestly, though, I’m mostly excited about TJ’s halftime performance. That and the commercials. When you and your husband work in advertising/communications, it’s hard not to get excited about commercial breaks.

Anyway, here’s to a super watch party all around. What kind of fun and food do you love to serve up? (I’m trying to decide which of my Pinterest snack recipes to finally try!!)

{FOUR} National Pizza Day

Speaking of food, next Friday is National Pizza Day! Honestly though, I’ll celebrate pizza any day. Next to cheesecake and Snickers, pizza tops my list of favorite indulgent foods. The more cheese the better, too.

Buuut, because I’m trying to watch my waist a bit, I found this recipe for a cauliflower-crust pizza. Has anyone tried something like this? Is it really worth the effort, or should I just stick to my fatty (but flavorful) normal pizza crust – in moderation?

{recipe here} – Doesn’t it look good, though?!

{FIVE} The 2018 Winter Olympics!!

Okay, I probably should have listed this before National Pizza Day in terms of importance and deserved recognition. Next Friday is ALSO the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

I love everything about the Olympic Games…the athleticism, dedication, pride and raw emotion that’s shown during each performance. It brings me to tears. That, and the gym. (Don’t you just want to workout so hard after seeing the athletes rock their events?!)

Speaking of events, here’s a round up of the most exciting ones to watch! So set your DVRs, friends.

Oh, and one more quick thing…

This. Isn’t he so cute? His name is Soohorang. He’s the official mascot of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, and he gets his motif from the white tiger, which has been long considered Korea’s guardian animal.

And according to the official website, Soohorang has a challenging spirit and passion. He’s a trustworthy friend who protects the athletes, spectators and all the participants of the Olympic Games. (More tidbits for your party convo.)

{SIX} National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

This holiday isn’t super widely known, which is why I added it as a bonus on today’s “Five on Friday” list.

National Thank a Mail Carrier Day is a time for us to do just that…thank our mail carrier! It lands on Sunday this year, which is literally the only day of the week they’re off work. So, you may want to plan ahead. Tuck a thank you card or treat in the mailbox today or tomorrow. 😉

(We like to give Sonic gift cards for occasions like this because who doesn’t love a Sonic drink with the good, crunchy ice?)

That’s a wrap for today. Have fun celebrating all kinds of interesting, fun and thoughtful days.

Hugs with pointy party hats on top,




Commit, Then Figure it Out

Normally, I wouldn’t suggest getting yourself in a pickle on purpose, but there are times when you have to “get off the pot” as they say and make progress. This might require you to commit to something or someone – even if you’re not sure how the hell you’ll get it done.

It will probably be scary and uncomfortable, but it could also be the spark you need to light the fire in your belly – and under your butt. Lol! There’s also a chance you’ll surprise yourself with what you CAN do.

Just this weekend I received inspiration on this topic from a passage by author Mark Batterson.

Here’s the gist. >>

Every dream is conceived twice. The first is mental. Every creation,  invention, business, painting, or book is conceived in your mind. The second creation is physical. It requires action to make it real.

If your dream is writing a book, you make it real with your keyboard. If your dream is making music, you make it real one note at a time. If your dream is opening a store, you make it real by writing a business plan and lining up capital. Yes!

Setting goals is great and important, but committing to them and taking action is the only way to see them realized.

“Without perspiration to match your inspiration, your dream imagined will turn into a dream deferred.”

Here’s where the rubber meets the road.

Right now, think about one of your dreams. Do you want to open a boutique, write a book, or sell your art in galleries? That’s awesome!

Tell someone about it so you feel accountable (and hear yourself say it out loud…that can be big.) Then make a commitment. Set a date to have a draft written, schedule an art class, arrange a meeting with the bank for a loan…whatever needs to happen, make the commitment. Then go for it!

Here’s something to remind yourself the moment you feel scared. >>

Cheering you on, my creative peeps!!



5 Places Where You Need a Tray in Your Life

As a straight up “organizational” post, let’s talk trays. These little magicians do two things at once. They corral our crap clutter, and do it in such a simple, lovely way. And you can use them in pretty much any room of the house.

Let’s dive into five spots where trays can be the most useful and beautiful, shall we?

{ONE} The Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of our homes. It’s where we nurture our families and gather with sweet friends. This multipurpose space can quickly fill up with goodies and gadgets (zoodle maker, anyone?) So, if we want to keep this heart-space feeling happy, we have to get smart about storage and how we display things. That’s where trays come in.

Here are some “for examples” >

Trays can help section-off areas of your counter, such as a cute coffee station. I love the wooden tray above, as well as the tiered options below. >

Btw, tiers are good if you don’t have lots of counter space. Go vertical up in here!

Here’s an adorable option with loose teas in mason jars. I mean… >

Another spot in your kitchen is near your sink where you can wrangle dish soap, lotion, and paper towels. Like so…

And if you have the luxury of a larger space, or have a corner that just feels empty, you can use a tray for decorative purposes. Love the sprigs of lavender in this one. >

{TWO} The Living Room

I don’t know why, but I have coffee table decor dilemmas. I feel pretty solid when it comes to decorating most spaces in the house (well, other than the area above my kitchen cabinets. What a weird place, right?) But for some reason the coffee table in our living room is a head scratcher for me. Right now it just has a stack of magazines. That’s it. (Sad face.)

I can’t use fresh flowers or plants because our dog will eat them, and I don’t feel like my books are interesting enough to be coffee-table worthy. In times like these, I break out the Pinterest app for inspiration.

Here are my recent favorites, that all have TRAYS! (I feel a decorating project headed my way.)

The use of artificial plants is something I hadn’t totally considered because “fresh is best,” but these look so pretty. I also like the basket look…like a lot.

Below is another basket with faux ferns and other decorative items. This is styled for fall, but I could see the pumpkins replaced with large seashells or pretty candles come spring. Couldn’t you? >

Speaking of candles, here’s a calming candlescape (is that a word?) that incorporates a mix of “naked” candles, candles in votive jars, and frosted vases.

This picture is so soothing to me. I don’t know if my dog would try to eat this, though. We might move this idea to the bedroom, which just so happens to be the next room on the list. >

{THREE} The Bedroom

Bedrooms should be a place of serenity…ideally, that is. That’s why the pros say not to have TVs or other distractions (like clutter) in your room.

So let’s fast forward to a time when your room has just the essentials, like a bed with extra soft sheets and blankets, a pretty dresser, warmly lit lamps, maybe a candle or diffuser with a relaxing fragrance and calming artwork. Ahh. How do you top that off?! With a tray on your nightstand!

I love the indulgence of this tray with a sleeping mask and fresh flowers. All that’s missing is a piece of chocolate…and wine.

Below is another beauty with fresh flowers (duh) and other odds and ends. I like the reflective surface of this tray, too. >

{FOUR} The Bathroom

Oh my gracious…the bathroom. My bathroom is notorious for looking like an aisle of Walgreens exploded all over the counter. There simply isn’t enough room for all of the lotions and potions required to make us (well, me) looking somewhat presentable. Enter the power of the tray that pulls it all together so effortlessly.

Exhibit A >

While this doesn’t contain makeup, it does have quite a bit of necessities.

Now check out Exhibit B below, with a pretty glass tray >

The sides of the tray keep things from rolling around, and the reflective surface is smart in a small room. Light bounces everywhere – not like a disco ball, just a subtle shimmer.

The tray below is not only silver, but also has a silver cup for brushes and a metallic vase for the flowers. I also see a silver jewelry box peeking behind the potions. On point with the shimmer. >

{FIVE} The Office

Whether you have a home office or head off to a work each day, you probably have some sort of desk space where you need essentials like staplers and pens. And most work stations I’ve seen are a sprawling landscape of office supplies that span in all directions.

I prefer to tidy my things in a corner so I start the day with a clear, clean space. Trays are perfect for this kind of thing. They’re very work friendly. If you ask me, trays are highly underutilized in this space. You should totally try one!

That’s a wrap, dear friends. I hope this was helpful and inspired you to organize some small spaces in your home. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week with more fun ideas. 😉



PS. Per yoosh, I’m linking up with these amazing bloggers. Be sure to check them out!!



Thinking Inside the Box

More than likely you’ve heard the phrase “thinking outside the box.” It’s usually in reference to coming up with a “big idea.”

With good intentions, this phrase is meant to inspire and get people to think about innovative ways of doing something. Buuut if we’re given too big of a space to think, it’s actually harder to come up with new ideas.

Here’s an example I found to help illustrate this point:

Suppose I tell you to invent the next big thing in electronics. You’ll probably end up thinking of things that are most salient in your mind related to electronics. Oddly, because you have so much room to move, your brain zeroes in on the most conventional ideas.

Now, when you have more context, and I tell you to come up with a new kind of phone charger that works well for people who like to switch between using the wall outlet and the computer as a power source, it suddenly feels easier. In fact, you might have an idea right now.

While this restricts your freedom, it also defines the problem so you don’t have to.

It frees up mental resources to work on just the important stuff: coming up with a creative solution.

Another example is when we ask someone where they want to eat. The choices can be paralyzing, so we create boundaries by saying, “Well, what kind of food sounds good? Italian, Mexican, Chinese?” By choosing and narrowing down the cuisine, suddenly a whole list of options comes to mind.

Fascinating, right? Placing parameters on the task or “thinking inside the box” prevents the mind from getting stuck – or flying away. Neither are good places to be.

So next time you’re tasked with coming up with ideas, instead of “thinking big,” give yourself guardrails. Draw lines around that box and then go to town!

One more piece of inspiration…

This terrific article has several examples of productive creative restraints – and even challenges us with some exercises like the “six word memoir” that you can try yourself. No matter what, have fun creating.

Cheering you on, always,



Friday Wrap: Things That Made Me Laugh

When given a choice between a funny show or drama, I’m going funny every time. I love to laugh. And when I find myself taking life too seriously, a good dose of humor helps every time.

Here are a few things that made me giggle this week. >>

{ONE}  My Dog, Leo

Sometimes he does naughty things that make me want to cry. (Remember the gel pen incident?) But he also makes me laugh…quite a bit. 

Look at that sleepy boy. He fell asleep on Brandon’s leg and was snoring up a storm with his mouth wide open. Dogs can be total day makers.

{TWO} More Funny Sleeping Positions

OMG, these pictures are awesome. This guy took pictures of his wife on pretty much all of their road trips, and she is sound asleep – and in all kinds of funny positions. I’m assuming she’s a good sport about it. At least I would be. And this pretty much could be me. Something about the gentle hum of an engine…total lullaby!

Anyway, check out the gallery here.

{THREE} Febrezing

“YES!!! Wine and Febreze!” Haha! Now, that’s my kind of cleaning.

This also made me laugh because I saw our cleaning crew at work doing this one night. True story. One of the ladies was just walking up and down the halls spraying a trail of Febreze behind her. She was like, “Welp, that’s clean now.” Lol!!

{FOUR} Jimmy Fallon’s #FitnessFails

Every week Jimmy Fallon creates a hashtag and asks people to post something about that topic. This week was “FitnessFails.”

Oh, man. There some funny ones in the thread. Here’s a little sample for ya. >>

My personal fitness fail? When my kids were babies (3 under the age of 3), the only reason I went to the gym was so I could check the kids in the daycare and take a shower!!

Also related to the topic of fitness fails…

And this…

And this…yes I do…

{FIVE} Ellen’s Game of Games

Have you seen this new show? It’s laugh-out-loud funny. Like, I was cry-laughing watching it this week.

It’s a game show that consists of crazy challenges like Blindfolded Musical Chairs, Dizzy Dash, Bet Your Wife, and Scary Go Round. Contestants are pulled from the audience, and if they win their challenge, they move on to the final round and a chance to win $100,000. I honestly can’t do it justice by describing it. You must see for yourself.


That’s a wrap! Have an awesome weekend – and at least one moment where you laugh until you cry. 😉



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Let Go of What You Think You Know

We’re all on a creative journey, whether that’s launching a blog, starting a business, writing a book, putting out a music album, being the best (insert job title), finding greater purpose in life, or becoming the person we’ve always wanted to be. It takes creativity (and sometimes patience…and always courage) to stay on the path.

Much easier said than done. I know. I’m along for the ride, too. And some days are bumpier than others. Keeping the metaphor going for a moment, how do we keep from popping a tire, driving into a ditch, or getting locked out of our car? In other words, getting stuck or stressed?

Let go of expectations, and stay detached from the outcomes.

I’m not suggesting we park it on the couch, rip open a bag of Cheetos, and watch our life happen in front of us like a TV drama (or sitcom). While that sounds a liiiittle tempting, we still need to do the work. We need to show up every day like a front-row student who’s ready to work and learn. Just don’t stress about your grades.

We must continue to be curious.

Experiment. Let go of what we think we know. When we start a new project or venture, if we feel the fear of failure, instead of thinking, “Oh no, I’m going to fail” or “Crap, I don’t know how this will turn out,” try thinking, “Let’s see. Let’s find out” or “Hey, this could work!”

Remove the fear of failure with a bigger desire to learn.

Learn to be okay with not knowing, getting messy, and maybe even being wrong. Dare to find out what’s on the other side of letting go!


Here’s a visualization exercise to get rid of any negative energy that’s still nagging at you:

  • Sit quietly and make a list of situations in your life where you feel stuck, frustrated or scared.
  • Pick one situation and really look at it. Why do you feel this way? Have you been overthinking it, trying to control the situation, doubting or being too hard on yourself?
  • What is the outcome you think should happen? Picture it.
  • Now let go of that outcome and your attachment to it…
    • Visualize an empty balloon.
    • Breath in, then exhale all of your outcomes into the balloon.
    • Let the anxieties, fears, and frustrations that go along with these outcomes flow out, as well.
    • Take another deep breath through your nose…sweeping up any last bits of negative energy.
    • Then exhale through your mouth, pushing it all out and into the balloon…watching it fill up and expand effortlessly.
    • Now, detach from the balloon. Let it go…watch it fly away.
    • As it’s released in the air, come back to yourself. Feel your toes and legs grounded beneath you. Imagine you’re rooted into the earth like a tree. Stand tall. Feel strong. Be renewed.
  • What can you see now that’s possible? Write it down and make a plan to do it!

Many blessings,