Beautiful Bulletin Boards

We all love pinning things on Pinterest, right? Well, pinning things in real life can be fun, too. And it’s the perfect way to keep an organized, inspiring and beautiful home.

With the help of fabrics, ribbon, paint and ingenuity, bulletin boards can be works of art. I gathered a few of my favorite samples to inspire you.

Go Industrial

sheet metal magnet board

I love the use of sheet metal for this office-nook bulletin board. And options for cool magnets are unlimited. {via}


mail organizer board

You can organize your entire life with a board like this. It not only has a cork backdrop for pinning papers and schedules, but also a sweet little curtain rod for organizing your mail. Oh, and look at the hooks for your keys! I am practically speechless. {via}

Dress Pretty

pretty fabrics

There are so many pretty (and affordable) fabrics available these days, and a bulletin board is a terrific place to show them off. I also love the beaded edging on this sample. So fancy pants. {via}

Think BIG!

Oversized bulletin board

This oversized number is perfect for pinning your favorite postcards, posters, pics and anything else starting with the letter “p”. {via}

Chalk it Up

chalkboard organizer

Upcycle an old door or window to create something this smart. With a little chalk paint, you can turn anything into an organized spot! {via}

Fun-Sized Frames

bulletin picture frames

These are mini bulletin boards! Inside each frame is a metal sheet (covered in burlap) so they’re magnetic. You could easily frame cork tiles if you’d rather use push pins. The thing I love most is the ability to easily swap out your favorite photos or art! {via}

Dress Up Your Drawers

drawer bulletin board

This highly creative bulletin board is made out of an old dresser drawer. I love how the edges of the drawer create a built-in shelf for odds and ends. You’ll want to adhere a layer of cork in the bottom of the drawer before covering with decorative paper so your cute pushpins will hold. {via}

Bejewel Your Walls

jewlery organizer

Isn’t this such a stylish and practical way to organize your jewelry? You could go as large or small as needed with your beautifully framed cork board. {via}

Smile for the Canvas

instagram photo bulletin board

A bulletin board is a great place to pin up all your favorite Instagram pics. It looks like a work of art, and it can easily be updated. {via}

If you’re feeling up to a DIY challenge, here’s the simple formula for creating a bulletin board that’s worthy of your living room wall.

The three key ingredients (with links to helpful resources):

  1. Base: Think about how you want to use your board. This will determine the proper base. Corkboard works best for pushpins. A piece of plywood with a layer of quilt batting also works. Go with a metal base, such as a cookie sheet or piece of sheet metal, if you’d rather use magnets. A chalkboard is good for organizing schedules in chalk. You get the picture.
  1. Covering: Next you’ll want to determine how to cover your base. Fabric is an obvious choice, but you can also consider a pretty roll of contact paper, fun wallpaper scraps, scrapbook papers or even a fresh coat of paint. If you want to DIY a chalkboard, paint a piece of wood with chalkboard paint!
  1. Edging: A sure way to make your board look like it’s straight from a designer’s studio is to finish off the edges. Ribbon, thumbtacks or a picture frame all make great choices for this final step.

I gathered more great photos on Pinterest on a board called “Bulletin Boards“. Be sure to stop by for some inspiration. I hope to see you there sometime.



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