The Art of Thank Yous

As a properly raised Southern girl, I grew to love writing and receiving thank you notes. Even with emails, texts, Facebook messages and snaps (actually, especially because of those things) I adore receiving a good ol’ fashioned paper note with ink and a stamp. I assume others do, too. So I send them!

As a small confession, though, I still have notes to write from the holidays. That’s why I’ve been doing some note shopping. There are so many beautiful options to choose from, I gathered a list of my faves.

Walmart: Polka Dots & Roses

{I actually picked up these darling cards from Walmart yesterday. They’re not specifically labeled as “thank you” cards, so the girls and I can use them for all kinds of note sending.}

Here are some more beautiful options. I might have to stock up on these for future gratitude. >

Zazzle: Black Stripe with Pink Flowers

{Don’t these remind you of the ones I bought at Walmart? They have a more direct message, though. And I love that pink flower. Such a pretty detail.}

Rifle Paper: Wildflower Postcard

{I like the idea of sending a simple postcard. And these are just downright gorgeous.}

Kate Spade: Paint Brush Stripes

{This one has it all…hand lettering, a designed envelope and plenty of shine. Thanks, Kate Spade.}

Minted: Personalized Citrus

{I found this in the bridal section of Minted, but there’s no reason you couldn’t order personalized notes like these for some everyday thanks.}

Papyrus: Merci

{This wins in the “playful” category. Love the bright polka dots and circus-style lettering. Oui?}

Rose Arbor @ Target

{Look at that pretty floral font…and matching envelope. Too stinkin’ cute. I can see my girls giving these out to friends. Oh, maybe for their upcoming birthday?}

Paper Source: Typewriter Notes

{Typewriters make me feel nostalgic. When I was little, I would visit my Gram’s house and pound away for hours on her Smith Corona. I’d write poetry and hang it on the walls of her apartment. Seeing this thank you note made me think of those happy moments – and gave me a double dose of gratitude.}

Davie Paper Co. @ Etsy

{Sometimes adding a pinch of humor to a thank you can be just what you – and your friend – needs. And this is a great one.}

Well, I guess I should scoot and write some notes already. If you want some tips on composing a great note, I have some for you here!

Have a great day and know that I’m always and forever thankful for you. I appreciate you reading and being my blog buddy.




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