A Soccer Mom Survival Kit

The girls and their daddy (Coach Brandon)

The girls and their daddy (Coach Brandon) right after their last game. So proud of their medals!

While my littlest soccer players have already wrapped up their season, my son’s club team is still in full swing. He’ll be playing at least another month of games before summer clinics and camps kick in. So my soccer-mom days continue, but I’m not complaining. I enjoy watching soccer, and I especially love cheering for my kids and their friends.

After sitting through about 12 seasons of soccer so far, I’ve come to learn a few things about game-time necessities. Now, I’m not always with it – like a few weeks ago when I forgot my umbrella for a game that rained cats and dogs – but I’ve developed a pretty solid grab-and-go list. I thought it might be helpful to share with other moms out there.

Here’s what it includes:


Umbrellas (for rain and shine. I actually use a little purple one to create my own shade on a scorching day.)

Water bottles, like this one with a sprayer (for the kids and you. No one needs you passing out on the sidelines from dehydration.)

Water bottles, like this one with a sprayer (for the kids and you. No one needs you passing out on the sidelines from dehydration.)


Sports sunscreen (that doesn’t sweat off)

bug spray wipes

Bug wipes (because mosquitoes and gnats are real)

wet ones

Baby wipes (for nasty bleachers, lawn chairs, sticky hands, etc. If you can name it, you can wipe it.)


Hand sanitizer (because soccer fields are made with dirt and grass)


Packs of Kleenex (not just for runny noses. I’ve been stranded in a ballpark bathroom without toilet paper one too many times. Drip-drying is not ideal.)


Dermoplast (or other similar spray for the inevitable skinned knee)

band aids

Fun Band-Aids (for said skinned knee or blisters)


Children’s Benadryl (to ease any allergic reaction going down. Rapid melts are best so you don’t need water.)


Children’s Pain Reliever (because accidents do happen. The sooner you administer this, the happier your car ride home will be.)

zip lock

Ziplock bags (for a makeshift ice pack or to contain all of the trash you’ve created from all of the above))

trash bags

A roll of trash bags (to keep in your car. I’ve made rain ponchos, bleacher seat covers, and car seat protectors after a muddy game with these things. Not to mention they hold trash!)

Another thing to grab before you go is a little cash to have on hand for concessions and parking passes at the gate. You have no idea how many times I’ve forgotten to hit the ATM before pulling into the field. Such a forehead slapper.

Here’s a handy, printable checklist for you. I hope all of this was helpful. And let me know if you have other handy items in your stash that I need to know about! We can never be too prepared.

Go Moms!



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