A Bearthday Celebration!

front door sign

Me-oh-my! We had quite the bonanza of parties this weekend. My favorite, though, was celebrating our first double-digit birthday for my girls. They’re officially “tweenagers.”

They’re still at that sweet age, though, where they listen to their teachers (and parents) and play with a few toys. In fact…

My girls adore their stuffed animal bears, so we hosted 10 of their friends at our house for a special 10th bearthday party.

On the surface, this seemed like an easy-peasy kind of theme. It was a bit tricker than I had thought, but thanks to a few ideas on Pinterest and my crafty sidekick-twins, we pulled off one of our favorite parties to date. And that’s saying something, because we thought last year’s 9th Neon Birthday would be pretty hard to top.

I took lots of pictures in case you try this out for yourself. (I totally recommend it.) Now let’s get on with the show-and-tell.

{A Warm Welcome} We made a welcome sign out of chalkboard and drew bear prints up the sidewalk for a grand entrance. We went with teal and a burlap-brown as our overall color palate.

front sidewalk

{Bear Signs} We had fun posting bear signs in the yard and around the house. Didn’t the girls do a great job with these?!

bear sign

bears in bucket

{Rustic Decorations} We carried the party colors and rustic theme into the house and used acorns, pine cones and other woodland accents to decorate the table. (I’m totally planning to squirrel some of this away for the fall.)

party set up

table decorations

Most of this came from Hobby Lobby, btw!

{Bear Paw Cupcakes} The original idea on the cupcakes was to use brown M&Ms to help make “paws.” Well, you can’t just buy just brown M&Ms – unless you go to a specialty store. I found Hershey’s chocolate drops, which are a bit bigger than M&Ms, and they actually worked perfectly!

You can also see how I displayed the cupcakes on two slices of wood with a glass candlestick in the center. This really helped with the woodland look on the table.

rustic cupcake stand

{More Fun Food} While we’re on the topic of food, the menu for the party included grilled hot dogs, carrot sticks, fresh berries and assorted candies. Remember those Hershey’s drops? The girls thought it would be funny to call it bear poop. Yes, we did.

berry patch

bear poop

{Backyard Bear Cave} My husband got into the theme, as well. He’s such a good daddy – and was absolutely adorable to watch as he mapped out a bear cave in our backyard.

He pitched a large tent and attached a cardboard box to the front (as the entrance to the cave) and covered it all with a brown tarp. The girls added signs and we had ourselves a super cute bear hangout.

The girls ended up watching the movie Brave (because of the bears) in the tent toward the end of the party. It was a great place to hang while the parents picked up. I’ll give a full rundown of activities here in a sec.

bear cave

{Campfire Fun} One other area we set up was right next to the tent. We created a campfire setting where we could make s’mores and create funny mad libs together. We made sure there was a seat and blanket for each girl so they were comfortable as it got chilly.


{A Beary Happy Time} Each of the girls brought a special stuffed animal, and we played fun games the entire time! We chose not to have an overnight party, so our compromise was to have an extra long party. (It was four hours.)

girls with bears

Look at those sweet girls!! <3

{Entertainment) Here’s how we kept everyone busy and having a blast:

  1. Bearaoke (your basic karaoke – sung with stuffed animals)
  2. Pin the bowtie on the bear
  3. Bear bingo (using Teddy Grahams as bingo chips)
  4. Dinner, cupcakes and opening gifts
  5. Bobbing for apples (because bears love apples)
  6. Busting open a piñata (because bears love anything sweet)
  7. Dress-the-bear relay (each team had to run back and forth to dress/undress a Build-a-Bear)
  8. Nature scavenger hunt
  9. Campfire time with s’mores and mad libs
  10. Watching the movie Brave (while eating piñata candy)
eating dinner

One of their friends used the bottom of the piñata as a hat. She wore it the rest of the night. Cracked me up!!

playing games

This was taken during bear bingo. Most of the night-time pics didn’t turn out because it was too dark.

{Parting Gifts} As each of the girls left, we made sure they took home a little treat bag filled with Teddy Grahams and mini marshmallows!

goody bags

{The End} That’s a wrap for this party post. It really was a great time. Let me know if you try this theme for yourself and what other details you add.

relaxing by the fire

This last picture shows Evan, Leo and I taking a rest by the fire while the girls watched their movie.

Here’s to being happily partied out!!




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