5 Ways to “Fall Up” Your Home

Happy Fall-riday!! I hope you live in a spot where the air is cooling off and you’re able to really get into the spirit of the season.

We’re finally dipping into the 60s here in Northwest Arkansas. So this weekend, I plan to do the seasonal clothes swap, where I put my summer dresses and blouses away and pull out the sweaters and boots.

I also plan to spruce up the house with some fall flair. I’ve found that it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to transition your home into a warm and cozy spot.

Focus on these five things to seasonalize your space in a snap!

{ONE} The Entryway

The front door and entryway help set the tone for your home. So this is a great place to showcase seasonal decorations, and even messages. Look at this cute chalkboard that has been decked out with leaves and berries. I could see this updated with holly in the winter and even daisies in the spring/summer >>

Here’s a fun twist. This wreath includes cotton bolls tucked among the greens. I found some real cotton stems on this site if you’re interested in making something like this for yourself. You can also buy this wreath online >>

If you want to go for simplicity, here’s a wreath made with corn husks. Doesn’t it remind you of a white sunflower? You could hot glue strips of corn husks (from a craft store) onto a foam wreath to make this lovely display. And you can make homemade tamales with any left over husks. Lol >>

This would be another DIY project. It’s a repurposed frame with fall flowers and greenery glued to the edges. I also love the personalization with the initial in the center. >>

{TWO} Framed Artwork & Photos

You can easily freshen up your walls with signs of fall, like colorful leaves that have been framed >>

How pretty is this? I love the idea of having a large chalkboard as the focal point in a room. That way you can sketch out a new message each season >>

Find little nooks in your home, like a bookshelf or side table to display a framed seasonal message. This is simply a piece of burlap that has been colored with a Sharpie >>

If you have a gallery wall in your home, swap out a few photos or objects for one of these cool fall prints >>

{THREE} Seasonal Centerpieces

Flowers and even gourds are a great way to bring the fall season indoors. Here’s a cornucopia-like basket that’s overflowing with silk greens and fabric pumpkins, so it will easily last through Thanksgiving >>

Fill the middle of your dining room table or even coffee table with a planter of herbs and small pumpkins. If you can’t find mini white pumpkins, you can buy orange ones and spray paint them white – or even silver or gold >>

If you can’t tell, I love white pumpkins!! Here’s a pretty centerpiece that uses one as a vase. Just hollow out the inside, fill it with oasis floral foam and then you can insert flowers of your choice. This has tulips with seeded eucalyptus. I don’t usually think of tulips this time of year, so that makes this arrangement a tad unique >>

For another pumpkin-turned-vase idea, these beauties have succulents planted inside >>

And speaking of succulents, I think they’re great for fall (and even winter). They add life to your decor, come in beautiful colors and don’t require much sun or water. This makes them happy additions to any home. This pretty mix is planted inside of a wooden box >>

{FOUR} Pillows & Throws

As soon as the temperatures drop, I love making cozy spots throughout the house with blankets and soft pillows. “Sweater” pillows, like the one below, are my favorites to snuggle with while reading a book, sitting next to the fire with a hot cup of apple cider…pardon me while I daydeam for a minute.

It’s also fun to use decorative pillows to really make the house feel “in season” >>

Here’s a fun assortment of pillows that would be darling on a couch. I even like that plaid throw tucked in the left corner >>

If you’re feeling like an easy DIY project, here’s a pillow you can make! >>

Here are a few more plaid throws that I love. These are from Pottery Barn. You may remember I mentioned them in a previous post? Well, they’re still on sale!!

PS. I ended up buying the second one down (neutral) >>

{FIVE} Soaps & Candles

For the final touches, I plan to pick up some of these yummy candles from Bath & Body Works. They have such great fragrances each season. I’m a little more partial to Cranberry Woods than the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. The pumpkin-scents are a little too sweet or pumpkiny for me.

Here are a few stars in this season’s line up >>

I like having seasonal soaps in all of our bathrooms. So I plan to check out these interesting choices this weekend. Have you shopped any of these? If so, what’s your favorite?! >>

That’s a wrap, my friends. Have a beautiful weekend. How are you celebrating fall, so far?


PS. I’m continuing my series of posts on how to clean and organize a few special places in our homes. Yesterday I started with the heart of the home (the kitchen). Join me this weekend for some laundry room ideas!


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