5 Places Where You Need a Tray in Your Life

As a straight up “organizational” post, let’s talk trays. These little magicians do two things at once. They corral our crap clutter, and do it in such a simple, lovely way. And you can use them in pretty much any room of the house.

Let’s dive into five spots where trays can be the most useful and beautiful, shall we?

{ONE} The Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of our homes. It’s where we nurture our families and gather with sweet friends. This multipurpose space can quickly fill up with goodies and gadgets (zoodle maker, anyone?) So, if we want to keep this heart-space feeling happy, we have to get smart about storage and how we display things. That’s where trays come in.

Here are some “for examples” >

Trays can help section-off areas of your counter, such as a cute coffee station. I love the wooden tray above, as well as the tiered options below. >

Btw, tiers are good if you don’t have lots of counter space. Go vertical up in here!

Here’s an adorable option with loose teas in mason jars. I mean… >

Another spot in your kitchen is near your sink where you can wrangle dish soap, lotion, and paper towels. Like so…

And if you have the luxury of a larger space, or have a corner that just feels empty, you can use a tray for decorative purposes. Love the sprigs of lavender in this one. >

{TWO} The Living Room

I don’t know why, but I have coffee table decor dilemmas. I feel pretty solid when it comes to decorating most spaces in the house (well, other than the area above my kitchen cabinets. What a weird place, right?) But for some reason the coffee table in our living room is a head scratcher for me. Right now it just has a stack of magazines. That’s it. (Sad face.)

I can’t use fresh flowers or plants because our dog will eat them, and I don’t feel like my books are interesting enough to be coffee-table worthy. In times like these, I break out the Pinterest app for inspiration.

Here are my recent favorites, that all have TRAYS! (I feel a decorating project headed my way.)

The use of artificial plants is something I hadn’t totally considered because “fresh is best,” but these look so pretty. I also like the basket look…like a lot.

Below is another basket with faux ferns and other decorative items. This is styled for fall, but I could see the pumpkins replaced with large seashells or pretty candles come spring. Couldn’t you? >

Speaking of candles, here’s a calming candlescape (is that a word?) that incorporates a mix of “naked” candles, candles in votive jars, and frosted vases.

This picture is so soothing to me. I don’t know if my dog would try to eat this, though. We might move this idea to the bedroom, which just so happens to be the next room on the list. >

{THREE} The Bedroom

Bedrooms should be a place of serenity…ideally, that is. That’s why the pros say not to have TVs or other distractions (like clutter) in your room.

So let’s fast forward to a time when your room has just the essentials, like a bed with extra soft sheets and blankets, a pretty dresser, warmly lit lamps, maybe a candle or diffuser with a relaxing fragrance and calming artwork. Ahh. How do you top that off?! With a tray on your nightstand!

I love the indulgence of this tray with a sleeping mask and fresh flowers. All that’s missing is a piece of chocolate…and wine.

Below is another beauty with fresh flowers (duh) and other odds and ends. I like the reflective surface of this tray, too. >

{FOUR} The Bathroom

Oh my gracious…the bathroom. My bathroom is notorious for looking like an aisle of Walgreens exploded all over the counter. There simply isn’t enough room for all of the lotions and potions required to make us (well, me) looking somewhat presentable. Enter the power of the tray that pulls it all together so effortlessly.

Exhibit A >

While this doesn’t contain makeup, it does have quite a bit of necessities.

Now check out Exhibit B below, with a pretty glass tray >

The sides of the tray keep things from rolling around, and the reflective surface is smart in a small room. Light bounces everywhere – not like a disco ball, just a subtle shimmer.

The tray below is not only silver, but also has a silver cup for brushes and a metallic vase for the flowers. I also see a silver jewelry box peeking behind the potions. On point with the shimmer. >

{FIVE} The Office

Whether you have a home office or head off to a work each day, you probably have some sort of desk space where you need essentials like staplers and pens. And most work stations I’ve seen are a sprawling landscape of office supplies that span in all directions.

I prefer to tidy my things in a corner so I start the day with a clear, clean space. Trays are perfect for this kind of thing. They’re very work friendly. If you ask me, trays are highly underutilized in this space. You should totally try one!

That’s a wrap, dear friends. I hope this was helpful and inspired you to organize some small spaces in your home. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week with more fun ideas. 😉



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8 comments on “5 Places Where You Need a Tray in Your Life

  1. I am a lover of all trays! I have all the plans for our next house! We have a smaller house that really doesn’t have space for it now, but I’ve managed to incorporate them in the kitchen and living room thus far! Thanks for sharing these great inspirations!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I have two in my kitchen – one for the cooking necessities (olive oil, salt/pepper) and one for the dishwasher packs, soap, towel. Love it!

  3. I love trays too! I use a small cake stand as a tray in my kitchen for hand soap and dish soap. I love the one you shared with the silver cup for brushes ~ I’m inspired ~ I think I’ll look at the flea market for old silver trays! 💕 Have a great weekend ~ miss you!

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