Easter Friday Wrap

This has been a beautiful week, and I’ve been busy getting the house spruced up and ready for some Easter fun. Here are a few highlights:

{ONE} Forsythia

Forsythia branches

It was time to jazz up the entryway table, so I tucked a few branches of forsythia in a tall vase. It created an instant spring welcome. What do you think?

{TWO} Daffodil Treat Cups

Daffodil treat cups

These sweet things are going to be used on my Easter table as place setting cards. I layered baking cups and then filled them with yellow jelly beans. The outer cup was already shaped like a flower. The stem is just a strip of green scrapbook paper. I’ll use this to write each person’s name. Avery’s is done. √

{THREE} Egg-shaped Popsicles

Egg popsicles

The idea for these treats came from a post I found a few months back. I pinned the idea to my Easter Pinterest board and decided to give them a try yesterday. The only issue I had was plugging up all of the existing holes in my plastic eggs so I could fill them with juice. I had a few leakers, but overall they turned out delicious – and pretty darling.

{FOUR} Lavender Water

Lavender water

Mimi, my sweet mom, always has a batch of lavender water in her fridge. I was excited when she gave me her recipe so I could follow in her (lovely scented) footsteps. Now I pretty much always have a bottle on hand. In fact, I made some this week. Here’s all it takes:

  • 2 cups distilled water
  • 1/4 cup Vodka
  • 10 drops of lavender oil

Mix it all up and store in the refrigerator in an opaque spray bottle. I pretty much spritz it all over the place. Lavender water not only smells like a piece of heaven, but also has disinfectant properties. So I like to spray my bed linens, Rosie the rabbit’s cage, and anything else around the house that needs a little freshening up.

Speaking of fresh…I plan to post a few spring cleaning tips next week!

{FIVE} Magic Ant Stopper

Ant Stopper

Okay, I have one more recipe to share. It’s an ant killer that works wonders. I whip up a batch of this concoction every spring when the sugar ants show up out of who knows where. I haven’t seen them yet, but I’m good and ready with this:

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 tablespoons Borax
  • 3 cups warm water 
  • Cotton balls
  • Jar (to store)

Mix the sugar and Borax and slowly add the warm water until dissolved. Store in a container until ready to use. When ready, put a cotton ball into the cap of a medicine or vitamin bottle. With a spoon, fill the cap to saturate the cotton. Then let it sit and do its magic.

That’s a wrap! Now, I don’t typically post on Saturdays, but tomorrow I’ll have a special DIY project for you. It’s a beautiful moss planter that I plan to give as Easter gifts. Then Sunday I’ll have a special holiday message. So be sure to stop back or follow me on bloglovin’ to get the latest updates.


Love and hugs to you all!



April Fools’ Fun

balloon prank

Happy April Fools’ Day! Who doesn’t love a good office prank like this one?

 If you love practical jokes and a good harmless hoax, today is your day to celebrate!

I definitely get a kick out of April Fools’ and remain 100% leery of any new products or announcements made on this day. Mostly because I’m so gullible. Case in point, my brother once told me the bottom of the swimming pool smelled like strawberry bubblegum. I only realized the prank once I sniffed a gallon of water up my nose. #notcool #shouldhaveknownbetter

In the spirit of the day, I’ve been keeping my eye out for some of the funniest and most clever pranks, and this is my list of faves so far:

Darby Smart

I received an email from Darby Smart, the mail-order DIY company, this morning announcing the new do-it-furself trend that has your furry friends crafting right alongside you. Projects such as kitty knitting and puppy paw painting are all featured on their site (today only, I’m sure). The pictures are hilarious.


Cat-stichin‘ is the next big trend in prafting.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Last year on this day, Crystal Bridges announced a piranha infestation within one of the ponds on the property. It was a joke well played and showed a lighter side of the museum. So I was curious what they’d be up to this year, and I found this announcement on Facebook: a new slip-n-slide! The museum claims the installation of a slip-n-slide will elevate the excitement of the museum, while following a growing trend. Am I the only one who wishes this was kinda real?

Crystal Bridges slide

New slip-n-slide coming to the museum.


In national news, T-Mobile announced a new phone plan. They are letting customers add their beloved family pets to their phone line for just $5 a month. How great is that? Meow.

T-Mobile pets unleashed

Pets can have phones, too, thanks to T-Mobile


Google is notorious for their April Fools’ pranks, and today they actually have two good ones. The first one is pretty simple. If you type com.google into your browser, everything on Google is backwards!

You can also play Pac Man with your neighborhood on Google Maps. This one is less prank and a lot more play.

What good jokes did you witness (or pull on someone) today? Do tell!!